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Active 3D vs. Passive 3D

Which 3D TV technology will come out on top? We put three 3D sets side by side to see which 3D tech is the right choice.


eSports Update: North American Star League Begins

The North American Star League begins its first week of play on Tuesday--we'll tell you what to expect.

Privacy Backlash Over Ad Tracking Debated

To track or not to track: Two PCWorld editors go toe-to-toe in the debate over Web advertisers' right to track online browsing behavior.

eSports Update: Global StarCraft League World Championship Finals

The Global Starcraft League wraps up its world championship tournament this weekend--we'll tell you what's at stake and who we're betting on.

Rovi Roxio Game Capture Lets You Record Your Gaming Triumphs

The Roxio Game Capture package is an easy way to record and share your most glorious gaming moments, but it has its fair share of drawbacks.

eSports Update: Major League Gaming 2011 Starts

We bring you the latest developments in Major League Gaming (MLG) and the Global StarCraft League (GSL).

eSports Update: Interview with MLG Founder Sundance DiGiovanni

You can't talk about American eSports without talking about Major League Gaming. Read on for an interview with MLG founder Sundance Giovanni.

8 Nintendo 3DS Games Reviewed: Which Ones Should You Buy?

You're ready for the Nintendo 3DS, but are you ready to choose your first few games? We'll help you decide.

Start a Revolution With Your Personal Tech

If you happen to be planning the overthrow of a corrupt regime--whether it’s the national ruling party or the board of your Homeowners Association--your personal tech and Twitter account can be your best co-conspirators.


eSports Update: Global Starcraft League, IEM, TSL3

It's a big weekend for Starcraft 2 fans, and we're helping you get caught up in time for the tournaments.

Nintendo 3DS: First Impressions

Looking forward to the Nintendo 3DS? Check out our first impressions of the hardware and a handful of the launch games.

28 iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

Master your new iPad 2 with these quick tips and convenient shortcuts.


Test Your Smartphone Data Speed

Wondering how your smartphone’s data speeds measure up? Here’s an easy way to test your mobile broadband speeds yourself--for free.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Stay Informed and Find Your Friends

Looking for more information on the Japan earthquake and tsunami? Here are a few sites that will help you stay current--and possibly even find your friends or family.

The Early Adopter’s Guide to 3D TV, Cameras, Camcorders, and Editing

Will the 3D footage from your Sony camcorder play on your Panasonic 3D TV? Should you wait for glasses-free 3D? We did some experimenting to find the answers to these and other 3D mysteries.