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Patrick Nelson was editor and publisher of the music industry trade publication Producer Report and has written for a number of technology blogs. Nelson wrote the cult-classic novel Sprawlism.

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How to turn on Android encryption today (no waiting necessary)

Google's new Android encryption policy is great, but you don't necessarily need to wait for an OS update to protect your data from investigators, be they government snoops or someone you know.

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What you need to know about Android permissions and rogue apps

Carefully monitoring permissions when installing an app is the best way to safeguard your privacy and pocketbook.


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How to use your Android tablet as a second laptop screen

If you’re in the market for screen real-estate, Android has a convenient solution: use your tablet as laptop overflow screen.


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With Android 4.4.3, Google fixes its dreary dialer and hints at future interface

Spoiler alert! Android’s new dialer in 4.4.3, deploying to some devices now, reveals a new design direction.


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Juice with your latte? The wireless charging at Starbucks isn't that simple

Starbucks is adding wireless chargings to its coffee shops, but it's shockingly limited by a lack of compatible devices. Here's how to make your phone work with them.


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Low-cost NFC tags will change how you control your Android device

Cheap plastic tags let you control your Android device through short-range radio communications. Here’s everything you need to know about how to implement a DIY solution.


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How to encrypt your Android communications to prevent spying and stop thieves

Scrambling your mobile communications makes it harder for criminals to pluck out juicy chunks of data, like banking passwords.


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Prep your Android phone to help you during a disaster

Thanks to smartphones and social networks, disaster prep is easier than ever.


Do I Need Special Glasses to Watch 3D TV?

Technology is on the way to let you see 3D images without glasses, but it's not on the market yet.


How Do I Calibrate My Samsung HDTV?

Your home lighting environment may require different settings than the automatic picture settings that are often designed for in-store display.