How to Get a PlayStation Vita Early

A tip on the PlayStation blog reveals a bundle with Little Deviants available a week earlier than the console ships solo.

Amazon Selling Horror Games for Up to 85% Off This Month is having a Halloween video-game sale on horror-themed titles, including Dead Island for $39.99 ($20 off), Aliens Infestation for $22.49 ($7.46 off).

Review: Gears of War 3 Improves on Series Without Being Revolutionary

The third installment in Epic's cover-based combat series brings Marcus Fenix's Locust-lynching saga to a satisfying conclusion.

20 Great Games for $10 or Less

If you're on a budget, this handy list of high-quality games is exactly what you need.

A History of Zombies in Video Games

Here is a look back at notable video games featuring the undead over the past 25 years, including absolute train wrecks like Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green and ground-breaking horror games like Resident Evil.

Will 'Rage' Elevate First Person Shooters to the Next Level?

Rage creative director Tim Willits showed off id's new first-person shooter, Rage, which he believes "will elevate the FPS genre to the next level." First impressions here.

E3 2010: Electronic Arts Game Highlights

EA held their big E3 press conference at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on Monday, demonstrating upcoming games they have scheduled to come out in 2010 and 2011.

Viruses, Malware Creeping into Online Games

Maker of online gaming protection software reveals why virus attacks on video games is a problem that has increased over 600 percent in the past year.

13 Best (Unofficial) Game Sequels

Whether they're spawned by licensing issues or it just came time for an old franchise to evolve into something new, video game spiritual successors are among some of the finest games out there.

Slim Is In: The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters Ever!

In honor of the PS3 Slim, we count down the 11 skinniest game characters.

Six Dead-Simple Games for Lazy Players

Laziness isn't a crime (especially when it comes to games)!

Make Your Own Xbox Games With Kodu

Microsoft Research's Kodu Game Lab, which allows you to create your own video games on the Xbox 360, is now available.

Ex-Sony Employee: IPhone Game Development 'Better Than PSP's'

Former Sony employee says the process in which games are developed and submitted to Sony by third party PSP game developers isn't efficient.

Microsoft Promises to Fix Xbox 360 System Failures

Microsoft extends the Xbox 360's warranty to cover the new Red Ring of Death-like Xbox 360 "E74" hardware failures.

Next Halo Game Will 'Blend Console, Web, and Mobile'

A Microsoft job posting on reveals that the media giant is now enlisting programmers for a brand-new Halo game.