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5 Reasons HP's Mark Hurd Resigned

The official rationale for the former CEO's departure is vague.

IBM's New Mainframe, the ZEnterprise 196, Is a Leviathan

Every new IBM mainframe says something about the times we live in, and today's latest mainframe release is no different. Thus, the zEnterprise system has...

IT Budgets Pointing to the Cloud, Expansion

At first, one financial services company didnt believe a cloud provider was a possible option because of financial compliance rules and client audit concerns...

Has the Robot's Day Finally Arrived?

AI researchers showing off prototypes say robotics is the next big industry, and the shift is approaching.


July 4th Will Bring a Google Apps Migration to Colorado County

The appeal of Google Apps is being tested in Colorado under a program that will enable any state agency or local government entity to migrate to the service.

White House, Citing Waste, Freezes IT Projects

President Obama's approach to IT spending showed its teeth this week in a decision to end new spending on about 30 financial systems that cost about $3...

Is Bill Gates Delivering a New Einstein Letter?

The message that Bill Gates, venture capitalist John Doerr, Jeff Immelt CEO of GE, Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox, and others who met with President Barack Obama, is that the U.S. today is not leading the world in alternative energy development.

Congress Gets Bills That Attack Offshoring

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who often sits at the heart of H-1B and offshoring debates, plans to launch a legislative attack on offshore call centers.

China Seeks to Unseat the West in Supercomputing

Having reached No. 2 on the Top 500 supercomputer list, China is apparently mounting a sustained challenge to Western dominance in high-performance computing...

HP Job Cuts Point to Shifting IT Skills

Hewlett-Packard's plan to cut 9,000 positions while adding 6,000 new ones comes amid a time of shifting IT job skill requirements.

IBM to Buy AT&T's Sterling Commerce for $1.4B

Purchase of Sterling Commerce will push IBM further toward becoming one-stop for everything.

Apple Won't Rule Device World, Says HP After Strong Quarter

HP reported a 13 percent revenue increase Tuesday for its most recent quarter, a clear sign that IT spending is on the mend.

HP Says 10,000 Cows Can Power 1,000 Servers

An HP Labs team of researchers has presented a scientific paper describing how to use cow manure and 'digested farm waste' to power 1,000-servers.

Arizona's New 'Papers, Please' Law May Hurt H-1B Workers

Arizona's controversial new immigration laws could lead to arrests of legal tech workers on H-1B vias.

Microsoft Office 2010 Throws Down Google Gauntlet

Contract terms, not features, may have major role in Google Apps vs. Office cloud decisions.