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AMD's 12-core Chip May Cut Software Costs

Advanced Micro Devices released its 12-core chip, doubling the number of cores in the previous generation chip in its Opteron line.

China Called Source of Increasing Cyberthreats

Analysis: Attempted break-ins and denial-of-service attacks against U.S. military targets are common, admiral says.

Cyberattacks Are 'Existential Threat' to U.S., FBI Says

Cyberattacks are a threat to the 'very existence' of the U.S., an FBI official told an audience at an IT trade show on Tuesday.

10 Big Cloud Trends for 2010

Cloud computing is clearly worming its way into the enterprise, especially as a testing and development environment and as a platform for less than critical apps...

Tech Job Market Settles, but Hiring Remains Spotty

The past three months have brought about some stabilization in the technology job market, and a big-picture trend of fewer job losses than in the same period last year.

Bailout Data may Go Online

Congress is considring building a bailout database where taxpayers ould track funds.

Google Docs Widely Used in Some Offices

The near total dominance of Microsoft Office in the workplace may be getting a serious challenge from Google Docs, according to a new survey.

Which Dominates Office: Desktops or Cell Phones?

A Forrester Research survey examines which tools are the biggest help to information workers.

Honey, I Shrunk Silicon Valley!

A U.S. government study found that the Silicon Valley high-tech workforce has declined by 16.5% since 2001 while paychecks inceased by some 36%.


Gmail Outage Explanation Doesn't Wash

Analysis: Google's Dashboard doesn't really explain Tuesday's global Gmail outage.

HP Hoses Workstation Fan Noise With Liquid Cooling

Vendors have been moving to liquid cooling on servers to reduce heat in data centers, but now HP is extending the technology to workstations.

Tech Grad Who Can't Find Job Sues to Get Tuition Back

Job offers for IT graduates are generally down this year because of the poor economy, but that's not stopping a New York woman from suing.

The New Green: Data Centers Go Au Naturale

Most data centers have the ambience of bomb shelters, but not one built by retailer L.L. Bean.

Layoffs Spur Startups

Job losses are increasingly inspiring people to pursue self-employment and start their own businesses.

Star Trek-like Universal Translator a Step Closer

Firms merge to build mobile voice, text translation app (See video below)