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Supercomputers Lose Glamour, Price Tag

The focus for supercomputers is shifting from the biggest to the cheapest, as every entry gains power.

New Mexico's Supercomputer: A Bad Bet?

New Mexico's Supercomputer Gamble Draws Questions

The Web Needs Work, Says Its Co-Designer

The Internet Is Incomplete, Says Its Co-designer, Vinton Cerf

U.S. Government Records Go Online in Volume

The White House will make more than 100,000 data sources available soon on its site.

Most Tech Shops Forgo Energy Savings

PC power management is still not widespread, despite economic benefit, Forrester finds.

Consumer Electronics Help Nudge Economy

Government data and analysts say that while corporate tech spending still lags, a rise in consumer spending is a sign of hope.

Obama Taps IT Execs for Tech Board

Top executives from Microsoft and Google will be helping the president shape the government's science and technology policies.

With Six-core Chips, AMD Preps for Stimulus Money Fight

But Intel is already on the ground in Washington selling its chips.

Hiring H-1B Visa Workers Trims U.S. Tech Workers' Wages

A new study "dispels the myth that globalization generates no losers" by citing pay cuts up to 6% for U.S. workers.


If IBM Buys Sun, Will Solaris Die?

IBM lowers its offer for Sun and keeps pushing, but a deal might kill the Solaris OS in favor of IBM offerings.


Mugging Victim Tweets for Help

Analysis: So why couldn't she just dial 9-1-1?


DC Tech Arrests Raise Security Issues

Federal charges of bribery by IT officials in DC creates a potential tech security nightmare.

Feds File Bribery Charges Against D.C.'s Top Tech Official

The District of Columbia's acting chief security officer and an associate were arraigned.


Federal CIO Takes Leave of Absence

President Obama's newly appointed federal CIO, Vivek Kundra, makes his move after FBI raid at his former office.

FBI Searches Kundra's Former Offices as He Rallies IT Troops

The FBI searched the District of Columbia's IT offices and arrested two in ongoing investigation.