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Why Your Wi-Fi Hotspots Could Be at Risk

The local mom-and-pop cafe that serves open, anonymous Wi-Fi access along with coffee and muffins may soon be on the front lines of a war in Congress over privacy.

Obama Lauds Intel Plan to Invest $7B in Chip Plants

President Barack Obama applauded Intel for its plans to invest $7 billion to revamp chip factories in the U.S.

Bill Would Keep Bailout Recipients from Hiring H-1B Workers

Proposal introduced as an amendment to the massive, $800 billion-plus federal stimulus bill.

Microsoft Layoff Sparks H-1B Debate

Should visa holders be laid off before U.S. citizens are?

IBM Chief Touts $825B Stimulus Bill

IBM CEO and Chairman Sam Palmisano and other business leaders give plan a hearty thumbs-up.

White House Twitter Account Is a Phony

Microblog account name is changed, and bio now indicates that the account is "unaffiliated with the white house."

Will Obama's Plan Create Jobs in the U.S. or Abroad?

Health care IT is set to get a financial shot in the arm, but "job math" may be fuzzy.

IT Execs Are Making Less

Recession knocks down overall payments to CIOs -- but not everyone is feeling the pinch.

Tech Jobs May Increase Despite Economic Trends

The U.S. government's economic stimulus plans may actually boost prospects for information technology employment.

Video Resumes: The Way to Stand Out?

As unemployment rises, so is the use of video resumes by job-hunters, experts say.


Shifting Political Winds on the H-1B Horizon?

Outsourcing firms warn of possible H-1B visa cutbacks.

Cutting Research Threatens Progress, Lawmaker Says

The U.S. risks lowering its standard of living by letting the best research labs move overseas, a Congressman warns.

States' Aging Tech Systems Seek Revamp

Many states hope the federal government will help rebuild legacy systems as part of the economic stimulus and infrastructure projects.

H-1B Visa Cutbacks May Be on the Way

SEC filings show H-1B needs could be hurt by uncertain political climate.

Obama Looks to Give Digital Economy Shot in the Arm

Pledging to "renew our information superhighway," President-elect Barack Obama this month offered a broad outline of an economic stimulus plan that will likely include increased spending on broadband access.