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Tech Spending Turnaround Forecast for Summer

Forrester Research expects slower growth in early 2009, but says IT business should pick up by the summer months.

IT Vendors Follow Automakers With Zero Percent Financing

If you're big buyer of technology, Hewlett-Packard has a deal for you: zero percent financing for up to 36 months.

Obama Stimulus Plan Aims to Boost Digital Economy

In pledging to "renew our information superhighway," President-elect Barack Obama has offered the broad outline of an economic stimulus plan likely to lead to major increases in IT spending.

Tech Jobs Down Sharply, But Not Out

Online job listings for technology workers are down sharply, but there are still plenty of openings for people with the right skills.

H-1B Cap May Rise

Obama's pick to head DHS is a strong advocate for increasing the H-1B cap. Joseph Lieberman, whose committee oversees homeland security, has been both a critic and a supporter of the H-1B program.

Meet Your Wait-Robot

A government agency says robots may replace humans in certain service jobs by 2025.

HPC Systems Could Save the Economy

Universities, state officials push to broaden corporate access to high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

Google's Role Grows in DC With Obama Victory

As the Obama administration sets up shop, Google's voice gets louder on tech issues in government.

Auto Bankruptcies Could Ripple Through Tech

Thousands of IT workers wait as Obama pushes for bailout.

President-Elect Obama Seeks Tech Savvy Staff

A so-called Google-enabled government needs a CTO to lay the groundwork.

Outsourcing Vendor to Move IT Jobs Offshore

Execs say firm plans to start offshoring development, project management work.

Government Tech Spending to Drop

2009 will be a year of budget-slashing for government agencies, market researchers warn.

Women More Likely Than Men to Get Hurt in IT Workplaces

The odds are being injured at work are low, but women are more likely to get hurt, Department of Labor says.

IBM Group's Final Message: 'pwrdwnsys *immed'

A Cleveland-based user group says it's been pushed offline by the Internet.

Expect Videoconferencing in Flight Soon, Cisco Says

Cisco CEO Chambers predicts videoconference services will be available on planes within 18 months.