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Widespread Problems, Fraud Found in H-1B Program

U.S. study finds incidents of forged documents, fake degrees, 'shell' companies.

Wall Street's Collapse Dents IT Spending

The turmoil in the financial markets isn't expected to lead to a tech-spending recession. But budgets may be in for some paring.

The IT Worker's Wall Street Meltdown Worry List

5 questions about your job and your future.

The Tech Sector's Venture Capital Is Drying Up

In a dramatic shift, IPOs have all but disappeared in '08.


Black Monday Hits Tech Stocks, May Affect Workforce

IT workers may soon hear a lot of talk of 'synergy' -- that's code for layoffs.

Technology that will Change the World

The Global Trends 2005 report describes six 'disruptive Technologies' that will challenge the U.S.


Intel's Six-core Chip Is Set for Release

Intel's Xeon 7400 chip takes aim at virtualization.

Winn-Dixie Turns IT, Once a Liability, into an Asset

A better system emerges in the wake of a painful bankruptcy.

Polite Thieves Ran a Top-Notch Help Desk

Business operation attacked security's weak link: retailers.

How the Credit Card Thief Ring Worked

The Justice Department says 'well Designed' software helped the thieves steal tens of millions of credit and debit card numbers.

Pentagon Looks for IT Advice

U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) officials turn to Google, Amazon, and others for support.

No More Free Beer? Brewer May Outsource IT

The future of Anheuser-Busch IT.

State to Replace Sinking Data Center

The state of Tennessee works on a new $68 million data center 25 miles southeast of Nashville.

No Economic Stimulus Package for IT

As the economic news gets bleaker, IT execs aren't getting many price breaks from vendors. In some cases, prices are actually going up.

Outsourcing, Layoffs Lead to End of Tax Breaks at Nielsen

IT offshoring deal leads to layoffs at ratings giant's global technology center.