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Patrick Thibodeau covers cloud computing and enterprise applications, outsourcing, government IT policies, data centers and IT workforce issues for Computerworld.

IT Hiring Expected to Rise in 2012, Says Survey

The IT job market in 2012 shows some signs of improvement when it comes to hiring, but most companies still aren't expanding.

Offshoring Comes Under Bipartisan Attack in Congress

Four U.S. lawmakers -- three Democrats and one Republican -- have teamed up to attack call center outsourcing by introducing a bill that would penalize any company that moves a call center overseas.

U.S. Tech Employment Nears All-Time High

The U.S. government's report today that the unemployment rate is down and hiring is up showed some good news for tech workers as well.

Will Congress Crush Tech Spending?

The failure of the Congressional Super Committee to reach a deficit reduction agreement triggers automatic federal spending cuts beginning the next fiscal year, which will likely make a lot of government IT contractors nervous.

A Startup Tech Job Fair With Beer, Music, 80 Employers

When Frank Sinatra sang 'If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere' about New York, he wasn't singing about startup tech businesses.

Intel CEO Still Loves PCs, Pushes Ultrabooks

The PC's evolution has stalled Otellini suggests, but the ultrabook will pick up the job.

Best Buy Rebuilding IT Capability It Outsourced, Starts Hiring

E-commerce, mobile computing, tablets and other emerging channels have become so important to Best Buy that the company is rebuilding internal IT resources.

Petitioners ask White House to End Patents

The top 10 petitions on the White House website includes a request to end software patents -- but lags a bid to legalize marijuana.

Gmail Threatens Microsoft in Enterprises, Says Gartner

Google's share of the enterprise email market currently "hovers" at around 1%, but it will reach 10% within a few years, research firm Gartner predicts.

Server Virtualization Pushes Storage Demand to New Highs

In 2001, VMware delivered its first virtualization products for x86 servers, setting off what has become one of today's biggest tech trends. But the benefits of...

Cell Phones, Other Tech Tell 9/11 Memories

The National Museum of American History's 9/11 display includes a variety of tech gadgets that played a role on the day of the attack.

Outsourced and Fired, IT Workers Fight Back

After rising tensions over a number of issues, including increased offshoring, laid-off IT workers file suit.

Russia Steps up Game in Supercomputing

Russia's profile in supercomputing is being raised thanks to a Moscow-based company and a Russian president who sees high-performance computing as critical to the nation's future.

What Is Worth?

Citrix Systems this week bought, a 70 employee start-up that makes cloud infrastructure software.

Fears Rise in IT Circles Over New Economic Downturn

The IT sector has done reasonably well coming out the recession. More IT budgets this year were up than down and hiring is rising.