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Patrick Thibodeau covers cloud computing and enterprise applications, outsourcing, government IT policies, data centers and IT workforce issues for Computerworld.

IBM Sees Huge Opportunity for Emerging Environmental Business

IBM is hoping to take advantage of the demand for energy efficiency with new systems and services targeted at a variety of industries.

Weak PC Sales: Is It the Economy or Apple?

Businesses are buying technology but consumers are holding back on purchases -- except when it comes to Apple.

As Cloud Grows, IT Hiring Flatlines

Corporate IT departments are increasing their spending on hardware and cloud services, but not on new hiring in this weak economy.

Obama Sets $126M for Next-Generation Supercomputing

President Barack Obama has included funding in his 2012 budget proposal for development of the next generation of supercomputers, an exascale system.

Obama Seeks Big Boost in Cybersecurity Spending

The White House is proposing a big increase in cybersecurity research and development in next year's budget.

Downturn Hits Older Tech Workers Hardest

Older IT workers have been more likely than younger ones to lose their jobs -- and stay unemployed -- since the latest economic recession began in 2008.

China Building a City for Cloud Computing

China is building a city-sized cloud computing and office complex that will include a mega data center, one of the projects fueling that country's double-digit growth in IT spending.

Microsoft Shifts Some Work Out of Egypt

Some employees in Cairo's Smart Villages high-tech office park are shifting to other locations in the wake of ongoing protests and Internet disruption.

Strife Disrupts Egypt's Tech Firms

The ongoing protests in Egypt are disrupting its growing tech industry, an exec reports.

'Cinderella' Tax Break May Boost IT Buying This Year

A one-year bonus depreciation tax credit could significantly boost IT spending this year, say financial industry experts.

Rep. Giffords Made Tech Her Top Issue

Since her election to Congress in 2007, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has quickly established herself as an emerging leader on tech issues, and she led by...

IT Hiring Shows Gains, but Jobs May Be Shifting

For tech workers, hiring and wages improved at year end, mirroring last month's overall gain in employment.

Help Desk Calls Are on the Rise

At a time when IT is supposed to be getting easier to manage, more people are calling help desks for assistance than ever before, according to a new study.

White House Says Supercomputing 'Arms Race' Costly

A White House advisory group has expressed concerns over whether top researchers should focus on building supercomputers for the Linpack test rather than to...

Job Prospects Improve for Some Tech Workers

Job prospects appear to be looking up for IT professionals, as multiple surveys suggest that large companies expect to slowly add staff next year.