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Patrick Thibodeau covers cloud computing and enterprise applications, outsourcing, government IT policies, data centers and IT workforce issues for Computerworld.

Recession Extends Hardware Lifecycles

The recession may have accelerated companies extending the lifecycles of PCs, laptops and servers, but that change may become permanent.

Recession Hit IT Wages Across U.S.

The recession that officially ended last year hit tech workers wages across the United States, with Silicon Valley workers seeing the biggest drop.

IT Jobs Outlook Modest for 2011

Perhaps the best thing that will be said about 2010 and IT hiring is that large layoffs have tapered off and the overall trend seems to favor hiring.

In Historic Shift, Smartphones, Tablets to Overtake PCs

Shipments of smartphones, tablets and other app-enabled devices will overtake PCs shipments in the next 18 months.

Supercomputer Contest Hits New Level

A U.S. scientist talks up a plan to build an exascale supercomputer, which measures transactions in 1 quintillion operations per second.


How China May Spur U.S. Supercomputing

U.S. supercomputing dominance is being challenged in ways it has not seen before, and that may be the best thing to ever happen to this field.

Next Wave of Supercomputers Due in 2012

Two 20-petaflop supercomputers in development are many times more powerful than existing systems, including the current leaders in China.


China to Finish 'Indigenous' Supercomputer Soon, Experts Say

China may be no more than a year away from own technology, a big step toward freeing itself of Western technology.

Why One Company Bought 4,500 IPads

The increasing ubiquity of Apples iPad is evident in airports and technology conferences.

Users List What's Wrong With Software Vendors

Users are bringing a new tool to their ongoing effort to get to get vendors to improve delivery of software maintenance, a "code of conduct for IT maintenance."

The Bell Tolls for Windows XP

There are a number of IT trends users will see in coming years, but one that's expected to rise to the top will be the need to migrate off Windows XP and Office...


Gartner Warns of Emerging 'Super Vendors'

Gartner analysts warned users that the growing merger and acquisition activity among large vendors could help stifle technology innovation.

IT Slowly Hiring Back After Layoffs

The IT industry shed employees last year at a much faster pace than they are now hiring them, but at least the industry is hiring.

Hurricane Earl May Test IT Teleworkers

Power outages caused by Hurricane Earl, now swirling in the southern Atlantic, may pose a problem to IT telecommuters.

NBC's "Outsourced" -- More Truth Than Fiction?

NBC's fall season television lineup includes a new show called Outsourced, with a plot line aimed at the heart of workplace angst, the offshoring of jobs.