Is Google's Chrome the New Internet Explorer?

Microsoft plans to argue that bundling Chrome into Windows could give Google a monopoly hold on the Internet.

Kindle DX's Price Tag Daunting

Amazon's larger Kindle carries a near-$500 cost, which may be too much for many prospective buyers.

Yahoo Readies a New Home Page

A few random Web servers have recently been treated to a test version of a new Yahoo home page, which, it seems, failed to learn anything from Google.

New 'I'm a PC' Shopper Should Get a Refurbed Mac

The PC vs. Mac marketing battle continues, with a new ad that is not impressing the Mac faithful.

That Online Advertising Slump Is Finally Here

The first quarter of 2009 finally brought Web advertising's first decline in recent history.

Cheaper Mac Laptops Expected

Evidence increasingly points to better deals on Apple laptops, partly to combat netbooks.

Verizon, Microsoft to Launch iPhone Killer 'Pink' in 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports as fact, not as "according to sources," that Microsoft has a multimedia touchscreen phone code...

Microsoft Sift: A Search Tool for Mobile Gadgets?

Microsoft has applied for a trademark for the name Sift, but aren't commenting on what it may be.


IPhone Apps Let Amateurs Share Apple's Buzz

iPhone apps such as Tweetie may or may not make their creators rich. But they have plenty of benefits.


Ready? The Fake Twitter Backlash Begins

If you've been waiting for the inevitable Twitter backlash, the fun starts now.

Facebook Opens Up

If you've ever wanted to update your Facebook status, or read other members' statuses, from somewhere other than Facebook, you're in luck.

Apple Breaks Silence, Responds to 'I'm a PC' Ads

"A PC is no bargain when it doesn't do what you want," Apple spokesman Bill Evans told a journalist.

Leaked Sprint Document Says Palm Pre in Stores May 16

Palm's Pre smartphone may be available in less than a month.


Analysts Give Apple iPhone the Enterprise Nod

Influential analyst firm Forrester Research flip-flops, deeming the iPhone fit for the workplace.

Japanese Set-Top Box to Use Google Android

Designed and built by Motorola, box will be available this fall.