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Wi-Fi on Buses and Trains: Better Service Ahead

Efforts by cities and transit authorities to keep bus and train passengers connected have been lackluster, but 4G may change that.

Voice Over LTE Explained: Better Voice Quality Coming Soon to Your 4G Phone

What exactly is VoLTE (Voice over LTE)? In ten quick questions, we explain it, telling you how it works, when it may arrive, and why you might want it.


Can Over-the-Top Voice Services Free You From Mobile Minutes Charges?

U.S. wireless carriers fear that Web voice services such as T-Mobile Bobsled will take a bite out of their profits. That could very well happen--and consumers could benefit.

Why Speedy 4G Hasn't Taken Off (Yet)

2011 was supposed to be the year 4G wireless service arrived, but the mobile masses gave it a lukewarm reception. Will 4G finally take off in 2012?

Is the Voice-Messaging-Data Plan Paradigm Beginning to End?

New data-centric plans from T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile effectively divorce voice and texts from data service. Could this be the wave of the future in mobile?

LightSquared Poised to Build Nationwide 4G Network

The spectrum-rich company could vigorously compete with AT&T and Verizon in the market for 4G LTE wireless service.

Family Data Plans Likely Coming From Wireless Carriers

As households acquire more and more connected devices, separate data contracts for each may become an expensive and onerous prospect for consumers.

4G Wireless in America: Where We Are, Where We’re Headed

Mobile operators speaking at the 4G World conference in Chicago are feeling the pressure to hasten rollouts of the faster networks across the United States.

Samsung Craft: Hands On the First LTE 4G Phone

Borrowed from a MetroPCS store rep in Las Vegas, this 'revolutionary' device left our intrepid reporter unimpressed.

Prepaid Plans Heat Up: Why No-Contract Wireless Is on the Rise

Much of the subscriber growth reported by wireless providers comes from increasing numbers of prepaid, no-contract customers. And there are good reasons for that trend.

FAQ: Net Neutrality and Why You Should Care

It’s one of the most important issues--if not THE most important--in the life of the Internet so far. Yet it’s widely misunderstood. Here are the facts.

Washington Update: Will Fed Intervention Curb or Protect Your Digital Freedom?

Broadband regulation, privacy issues, and predatory ads on your smartphone are all under review.

4G Killer Apps: A Top Five

We identify five areas of technology where popular applications are likely to score their first major successes by exploiting the speed and capacity of the 4G wireless networks to come.

4G Wireless: 20 Questions Asked & Answered

The who, what, when, where, and why of the new generation of mobile broadband that--we're told--will give our devices super powers.