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Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Linux Foundation Launches Jobs Board

Organization looks to match up job seekers with employers.

Symbian Lays out Mobile OS Roadmap

Versions 3 and 4 of platform are due this year, with version 3 likely to be feature-complete next month.


Adobe Upgrades Air and Flash: Mobile and Multi-Touch Support Added

The company stressed that it is bringing the full desktop Flash to mobile devices.


Ubuntu Linux Adds Private Cloud Backing

Canonical's upcoming server upgrade supports the Eucalyptus project's open source system for cloud implementation using hardware and software already in place

'Father of Internet' Reviews His Work

Turning off pieces of the Net is "not sensible," says Vint Cerf of proposed Internet management.

Motorola will Promote Third-Party Apps for Cliq

Motorola plans to open up APIs for Motoblur, the social networking software on its new Android phone.

Adobe Upgrades, Renames Rich Media Content Controller

Adobe Systems is renaming Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server and adding capabilities to control downloaded Flash content.

Microsofts Eyes Bing-iPhone Links

Software giant wants to make it easier to build Bing searches into iPhone apps.


Google Provides Glimpse Into Future of Search-based Advertising

What's coming next? Advertising that works in image searches and mobile phone-based searches, Google says.

Linux Exec Expects Netbook Bundles Like Cell Phones

The hardware will come with a service subscription, the Linux Foundation director says.

Redmond Releases Code to Linux Kernel Community

Microsoft, after being at odds with the Linux community over the years, said on Monday it has released 20,000 lines of Linux code.

Mozilla Asks Users to Support Browser Add-ons

Mozilla Sets up Program to Pay for Browser Enhancements

Mozilla Upgrades Jetpack Browser Booster

Jetpack, Mozilla Labs' open source technology for building functional add-ins to personalize the Firefox browser, has been fitted with more capabilities.

Microsoft Shows Silverlight 3

Microsoft is officially launching its Silverlight 3 multimedia platform and some related application design tools.


Palm: Pre SDK Widely Available This Summer

Palm has limited the availability of a software development kit for its Palm Pre, but the company now says it has a goal of widespread availabilty of the SDK later this summer.