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Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Microsoft Shifts Expression Media's Focus

Expression Studio 3 will be the last to bundle digital asset management app, which will be sold separately to a professional market.


Microsoft Halting .Net Link to Oracle Databases

Deferring to other makers, Microsoft will discontinue its own software providing access from Microsoft .Net applications to Oracle databases.

2009: The Year of the App Store?

The year 2009 is shaping up as the year of the app store, a Sun executive says.


Code for the Web, Google Tells Developers

Google's I/O conference kicks off with giveaways, promos and a push for more Web-based development.

Developers Await Palm Pre SDK

The much-anticipated Palm Pre smartphone will be available from Sprint on June 6, but Palm has remained quiet about when the software development kit will be available.


Mozilla Looks to Enable Web Personalization

Project intends to explore new ways to extend and personalize the Web via Firefox browser add-ons.

3Tera Launches Cloud Marketplace

Company's AppStore works with AppLogic platform to distribute cloud apps on a pay-per-use basis.

Linux Certification: An Edge on the Job?

Major Linux distributors have their own certification programs, but view of this seal of approval differs across businesses.


Coders Gender Gap Considered

A panel of women software developers ponder issues of imbalance and possible solutions in this male-dominated profession.

BlackBerry App Developers Must Make Key Choices

For nearly a year, Apple's App Store for the iPhone has stood out as the sole example of a smartphone platform that's more than a fancy way to take phone calls and look at headlines.


Is Silverlight Stalling?

Bad economy or not, Microsoft remains bullish on its Silverlight plug-in technology for rich Internet applications.

Linux Servers Take Bigger Hit

Both Linux and Windows Servers are experiencing downturns in the sluggish economy, analysts say.

Microsoft to Highlight Silverlight 3 Technology

Microsoft will tout at the Mix09 conference in Las Vegas this week its planned Silverlight 3 rich Internet application.

GooTube?: Google Wants Your Apps Demo Videos

Google has put out a casting call for developers to show off their Google-based apps.

Moonlight 1.0 Puts Silverlight on Linux

Moonlight 1.0, an open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight rich media application platform, was announced...