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Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Microsoft Now Holds 10,000 Patents

Redmond's milestone is achieved with patent for its surface computing technology.

BlackBerry Courts the Enterprise

Upstarts like the iPhone and Android are courting business, but BlackBerry says it's still the platform of choice.

Opera Update to Boast Speedy JavaScript Engine

Opera is developing a faster JavaScript engine, called Carakan, for an upcoming version of the browser.

Social Networks Help Serve Customers

Social computing sites are as an opportunity for customer research, a panel of vendors suggest.

Sun Enhances Java Mobile Platform

JavaFX Mobile running on new handsets will make their debut at an international event next month.


Microsoft Refreshes Azure Cloud Tools

Microsoft has unveiled refreshed versions of its Windows Azure software development kit and Azure tools for Visual Studio.

Adobe Breathes AIR for Linux

Adobe Systems is extending its AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) technology to Linux desktops.

Microsoft: The Wal-Mart of Software

At a time of economic uncertainty, Microsoft serves as a Wal-Mart of software, offering high-volume, low-cost products, a company exec says.

Nemo Brings IPhone Visuals to Java Phones

Everypoint is launching a mobile application platform called Nemo, which is intended to give Java-based phones iPhone-like capabilities.

No Java, Flash for IPhone This Christmas

There is still a little time left, but it doesn't look like Apple iPhone users will see Flash and Java up and running on Apple's handheld device by Christmas.

Nokia Tells Plan for Internet Services

Search with a gesture, surf on wireless radio waves, and other next-gen technologies are in the works.

Ruby Hailed as Good Option in Down Economy

Advocates for the Ruby programming language hailed its usefulness as an enterprise application development option, especially in a down economy.

Microsoft, Novell Eye Moonlight Beta, System Management

Marking the two-year anniversary of their controversial interoperability agreement, Microsoft and Novell this week are announcing upcoming availability of the beta version of Moonlight.

JavaFX RIA Technology Almost Ready

General-release versions of JavaFX Desktop and JavaFX Script are due by the end of the year, and Sun officials say Java business is profitable.

Yahoo Adds to BrowserPlus Web Technology

Yahoo has released an advanced version of its BrowserPlus Web development technology, enabling developers to use it on their own Web sites.