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Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Canonical CEO: Ubuntu Tablet OS Will Battle Android, iOS

Jane Silber believes there's plenty of room for a new player in tablets, TVs, and maybe even smartphones.

Mobile App Developers to Get Their Own Professional Organization

The Application Developers Alliance would enable collaboration and provide education, cloud access, and lobbying efforts.

Adobe Grudgingly Accepts HTML5

As Flash gives way to open technologies, Adobe is retooling to support the new reality for developers.

Microsoft Ships Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 includes hardware decode of H.264 media, which improves performance with the decoding of unprotected content using the GPU.

Developers Eager for Kindle Fire

The low-cost tablet is attracting plenty of early interest from developers who expect it to jump-start the Android market, based on a survey conducted early this month.

Android Developers Praise Ice Cream Sandwich's User Interface

With the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones featuring Google's latest OS due in mid-November, the real app testing can soon begin.

Developers Expect Much From Ice Cream Sandwich

Android application developers have had to deal with multiple versions of the operating system and cope with customized interfaces, making their job difficult.

Silverlight's Fate: Don't Let Microsoft's Silence Fool You

Developers have faith in its longevity, but they wish Microsoft would lay out a clear commitment.

Developers See Bright Future in Windows 8

Microsoft's emphasis on touch cited as new opportunity for developers looking to target tablets in the post-PC era.

Beyond App Dev: Applying Agile Techniques to Business

Software development practices such as collaboration and openness to change are now being applied to all parts of a business.

After OpenOffice and Hudson, Will Oracle Stick With Open Source?

NetBeans, MySQL, and GlassFish are all likely to remain in Oracle's software portfolio as they have profit potential

Android vs. IOS: Developers Face off

Whether you choose either or both, the differences in the two platforms and app stores are pronounced.

App Builders Eager to Taste Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich'

Developers hope the upcoming Android release will resolve fragmentation issues.

Microsoft Pairs Azure Cloud With Mobile Devices

Windows Azure Toolkits offered for Apple iOS and Windows Phone 7; Android is up next.

Adobe Adds Mobile, HTML5 Capabilties to Creative Suite 5.5

Dreamweaver gets HTML5 features, Photoshop SDK allows tablet interaction, and InDesign picks up e-book enhancements