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Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, focusing on coverage of application development (desktop and mobile) and core Web technologies such as HTML5, Java, and Flash.

Google Android Tablets Gain Traction With Developers

Apple iPad remains the top tablet targeted by app builders in survey


RIM's BlackBerry Agenda: SharePoint and Deeper Business Integration

RIM lays out a technology road map for 2011 that banks on enterprises seeking enhanced integration with core systems and traditional controls.

Voice Recognition is the Next Frontier, Says Woz

The Apple co-founder also analyzes Oracle's acquisition strategy, the tablet space, and new trends in enterprise memory

Google Launches API for URL Shortener

The API will enable developers to access capabilities and integrate the shortener into applications and Web pages

future tech

The New Future: Is It Innovation, Intrusion, or Just Plain Eerie?

IBM's vision of the future gives me pause and reminds me that progress is a mixed bag


Microsoft Boosts HTML5 Video for Firefox on Windows 7

Microsoft offers a plugin for H.264-encoded video on HTML5.

Bill Clinton Espouses Global Issues at Salesforce Confab

The former President made a plea to fight climate change, and reflected on how the Internet has grown and cell phones shrunk in size since his inauguration.

Salesforce Looks to Be a Developer Destination With Ruby

The company lays out its platform-as-a-service plans in hopes of appealing to next-generation app developers.

Battery Power, Wireless Spectrum Hold Back Mobile Computing

Mobile executives anticipate major advancements and innovation in wireless technology, but caution the outlook for mobile computing is not entirely rosy.

Opera Upgrades Mobile Browser for Symbian

JavaScript performance is improved ninefold, and the new version also includes geolocation


Could Windows Phone 7 Succeed With IT?

Hooks to SharePoint, BizTalk, and SQL Server could appeal to Microsoft shops if security is improved.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Going Mobile With Flash Builder, Flex, and AIR

Upgrades to the development technologies show that Adobe is trying to increase its reach in the mobile space

Microsoft Official Defends Complex Software Licensing

Programs are based on customer demand, but a 'hybrid world' with cloud computing and virtualization is challenging to manage, a Microsoft exec says,