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Jennings Explains Jeopardy Loss to Watson

And 'Know Your Meme' explains his comment in Final Jeopardy

Jennings Explains Jeopardy Loss to Watson

The former Jeopardy champ said the computer's techniques for unraveling clues sounded just like his.

Why an E-wallet Won't Replace My Leather One

Recent reports that Apple's iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will support Near Field Communications technology sparked yet another round of chatter about how so-called e-wallets soon will be the death knell for the leather variety.


Facebook Blames Zuckerberg 'Hack' on Bug

The social network's CEO wasn't the only one whose page saw unauthorized posts.

Facebook Unveils Security Tools...Hours After Zuck's Page is Hacked

Coincidence or not, Facebook today announced two new security measures -- wider use of HTTPS and the introduction of "social authentication" -- less than 24 hours after Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page was hacked.

Apple's E-Wallet Won't Replace the One I'm Sitting On

Reports fly that iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will have near field communication capabilities but this won't put leather wallets out to pasture.


This Changes Nothing: A Schmidt is Still a Schmidt

When the history of career moves is written ...

230,000 Suffer 'Call of Duty' Collateral Damage

Medical center claims gamers hijacked server to play 'Call of Duty: Black Ops.'

How Goldman Sachs Will Guard Facebook's Privacy

The financial firm's special 'investment vehicle' is likely to draw attention from the SEC.

Wikimedia Makes Fundraising Goal

Analysis: Pleas from founder and grassroots efforts net $16 million ... the hard way.

ThumbDrive maker finally wins trademark

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has ruled that "thumb drive" is not a generic term--meaning ThumbDrive™ is worthy of trademark protection.

Judge Helps Porn Downloaders Hide from 'Copyright Troll'

Analysis: A West Virginia court rejects film producer's embarrassment-based fishing-net approach to fighting copyright infringement.

FEC Puts on Hold a Call to Allow Texting of Political Contributions

Trade group's initiative is stymied, but likely to reappear with additional safeguards .


Feds Pinch Guy Who Bragged About Gaming Google

Online retailer turned negative service reviews into higher search ranking

Amazon Shows Wikileaks the Door

Updated: Controversial whistleblower site says it was 'ousted' from Amazon servers