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A Pair of Reminders About Rosa Parks and that Bus

Google is commemorating the 55th anniversary of the refusal of Rosa Parks to give up her bus seat with a doodle.

Using Stolen SSN Isn't Criminal Impersonation, Court Says

Colorado justices play legal Twister to overturn conviction

Palin Email Snoop Sentenced to a Year in Custody

David Kernell faces the music for 2008 intrusion into candidate's account

Testing Your Destination Imagination

All aboard for...?

Digg Fires 25 People in Effort to Stay Alive

The social news-sharing site has been struggling for months now under the weight of a disastrous site redesign and dwindling user numbers.

Yahoo Shares Surge on AOL Buyout Rumors

Speculation is rampant but Yahoo seems no more in the mood to be acquired than it was back in 2008, when it foolishly spurned a $50 billion offer from Microsoft.

School Officials Settle Webcam Spying Suit for $610,000

The Lower Merion School District caused a firestorm of protest from parents and privacy advocates when it used laptop spyware to photograph students in their homes.

There's a Trademark for That

Just in time for everyone to have become sick of it, Apple lands a trademark for 'There's an app for that' marketing slogan.

Texting While Driving Bans Don't Work, Study Finds

As more states ban the practice of texting while driving, research from the insurance industry claims that the bans may actually increase car accidents.

Driving While Texting, Sinking to New Lows

Texting like a madwoman, toes flapping in the breeze, tooling on down the highway: This diva was not only the embodiment of distracted driving, but a genuine trailblazer.


Google News Gets (More) Personalized

The news aggregator finally acknowledges it needs an editor: You.

Google News Needs an Editor: You

Google makes changes to homepage that put a greater emphasis on personalization.

Teenyboppers Outwit Twitter

Tweaks to site’s “trending topics” algorithm fail to deter Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas fans.

How Many Zettabytes Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

Perhaps you've seen the headlines: The petabyte will soon need to step aside in favor of the zettabyte for use in describing humankind's ever-expanding yearly output of digital information.

Palin E-Mail Snoop Found Guilty on Two Charges

Obstruction of justice and computer fraud convictions could carry hefty jail time.