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Favorable Odds: Startup Opens Eyes to Probabilities

You're more likely to die falling out of bed than to win the lottery. Who knew? The rather normal folks at semantic-based Web startup Book of Odds — that's who.

Digg Mulls 6 New Features

Popular social media site's survey asks for user input on a half-dozen potential new features.

T-Mobile Folds Plan to Charge for Paper Bill

Under the cloud of a class-action lawsuit and battered by a barrage of negative publicity -- not the least of which occurred on my blog -- T-Mobile has decided not to charge for paper bills.


Privacy Watchdogs Bark at Google Judge

ACLU and EFF urge judge to reject a deal that would grant Google control of millions of digitized books.

Wikipedia: Women Need Not Apply

Why is Wikipedia such a men's club?

Twitter Goes Down

And, yes, that's news: Once notoriously unreliable, site's uptime improvement has been notable

Want to Work at Best Buy? Learn to Tweet

The electronics store chain deems Twitter skills a job qualification for a marketing gig.

Royalties for Ringtones Is a Rock-Solid Idea

Analysis: Don't be too hasty in judging ASCAP's suggestion, or you'll miss the societal benefits of imposing copyright fees to ringtones.


Digital Rights Group: We've Got Your Back on ToS

Reading the Fine Print … So You Don't Have to

Sometimes, Even Google Runs Out of Bandwidth

Yes, resources are finite--even at Google.

Facing Down the FCC

The FCC teaches this consumer a lesson: Don't complain.


Why Your Boss Should Let Your Surf the Web at Work

New research suggests that surfing for fun while at work actually increases employee productivity.

Blogger Tricks Tabloid with Google Yarn

Analysis: Online news portals, including CNet, also report hoax involving Google Maps Street View as fact.

Girl's 22,795 Messages Nothing to Celebrate

This story about a 12-year-old Indiana girl is quickly becoming a cliche ... and not a flattering one in terms of what it says about our society.


Online Privacy Advice for Kids

To stay safe online, teens should do as adults say -- not as they do.