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A vendor disappears without a trace of explanation

Thin-client maker Pano Logic has shut its doors without informing customers.

Crowd Fails to Fund How-To Book About Crowdfunding

Would-be author undeterred, vows to try again.

Free Wi-Fi Threatened by Porn Maker's Lawsuit

The Electronic Frontier Foundation warns of a slippery slope from a bogus copyright action involving two roommates.

2012’s 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries

How to Brag Without Bragging on Google+

Last week I posted to Buzzblog a list of the 50 best "bragging rights" claimed by users of Google+.

Lawsuit Over Missing iPhone Magically Disappears

It would seem the missing iPhone prototype wasn't "priceless," after all.

Copyright Lawyer, Photographer Poke Holes in Pinterest

The latest social-media darling isn't setting everyone's heart aflutter.

Apple's 30th Birthday Salute to Steve Jobs Removed from YouTube

Produced by Apple employees in 1985, tribute was first widely circulated after Jobs died.