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Are We Getting Too Much Info About Data Breaches?

Case involving Boston hospital raises the question

How Dare Mercedes, Google Exec use Apple's 'Magical'?

Car maker throws caution to the wind in television commercial

Was Twitpic Founder's Arrest Tale a Naked Fabrication?

Noah Everett's Twitter account of being pinched while in the buff is called into question.

EFF Blog Post Decrying British Censorship Goes Missing

And once again the facts get the way of a good story

California Bill Would Dictate Privacy on Facebook, Etc.

A poor idea on multiple levels.

35 years of 'Apple' Fools Day fun

A look at April Fools' Day through Apple-colored glasses


Groupon vs. the Price of Gasoline

How many Groupon customers routinely calculate how much it will cost in gas money to drive for these deals? And how many more will do so if, as experts predict, the price of gasoline climbs past $4 and heads for $5?

Most Approve of Hosting Games on Company Gear, Survey Finds

Only about a third of more than 1,000 respondents to a Network World online survey believe it's always wrong to use company equipment to host private video game sessions for groups of players.

If You Bought 100 Shares of MSFT 25 Years Ago

It's March 13, 1986: Microsoft, founded more than a decade earlier and already a powerhouse in the world of personal computer software, executes an IPO.

Microsoft Apologizes for Using Japan Disaster to Market Bing

Tweet that tied Microsoft contributions for Japan earthquake relief to number of retweets causes uproar.

Need More Sleep? Turn Off Your Gadgets!

A new survey by the National Sleep Foundation confirms what most of us already know: Nearly all Americans are too connected.

Google Gives Its Antiquated 404 Page a Makeover

Early reviews of the drawing of a robot that has seen better days say that it's about time Google made the change, but not everyone is happy.

2011's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries

The geekiest 25th's that will happen this year.

A Whale of a Bad Analogy for Bandwidth Hogs

Having written my fair share, I know that bad analogies can stick out like a sore flower pot.

Tech 'Firsts' that Made a President's Day

We take a look at some great moments in presidential tech history