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Principal Gets an 'F' for Nixing Facebook

Analysis: A New Jersey middle school principal urges parents to forbid the use of social networks.

Twitter's Tries to Swim Up the Revenue Stream

Let's call Twitter's new attempt at making money 'audition advertising.'

iPhone Mystery Solved: Why Time Stands Still at 9:42

And, as an added bonus, we learn why Apple's iPad ads shows 9:41


Comcast Net Neutrality Win Draws Mixed Reaction

Comcast's legal blow to Net neutrality and the FCC is a hot-button issue that remains contentious, even among the pundits.

Dot-Com Mania Peaked a Decade Ago This Week

Time Flies Dept.: March 10, 2000 was the day the NASDAQ struck midnight.

Topeka Changes Its Name to Google, Kansas

Topeka mayor proclaims month-long name change in hopes that Google will test ultra high-speed broadband technology in his city.

Conviction of Google Execs in Italy Sheer Madness

Word comes this morning that a jury in Italy has convicted a trio of Google employees over the posting of a video that showed four boys bullying another.

UK Newspapers Urge BBC to Ignore the iPhone

The Newspaper Publishers Association of Britain is calling on publicly owned British Broadcasting Corp. to not deliver content via iPhone apps. Blimey!


Internet Overuse Invites Depression, Study Says

Analysis: So digital addiction is linked to depression? Sigh.