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Debit Card Data Breach Compared to TJX

Banks warn customers about possible fraud, and in one case deactivate 8,500 debit cards.

What's Up With the Search Limits on Twitter?

Twitter limits searches on its site ... why? And why is it so hard to get a straight answer from Twitter?

25 Geek-tastic Anniversaries for 2009

Break out your acid wash jeans and big hair -- it's 1984 all over again!


The Consumerist: Done Deal?

A cryptic Twitter tweet yesterday from Consumerist editor Ben Popken piqued my interest.

'Net Teaches Print Another Lesson

The Internet has surpassed newspapers and trails only television as the primary source of political news for most Americans.

YouTube Takes a Page From xkcd

Would YouTube users leave better comments if they first heard their words read back to them out loud?

Google Has Gone and Redefined 'Beta'

What's up with a four-and-a-half-year-old product that's still in beta?

'I Have a Lost Laptop Horror Story for You'

An all-too-common tale of woe highlights the importance of identity-theft protection.