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Lone IT Industry Voice Speaks out Against EU Web Filter Plan

Lobbying on an EU plan to fight online child abuse by blocking websites is heating up, but opponents of the blocking plan are outnumbered

Counterfeiting Treaty, Now Public, Confirms Critics' Fears

ACTA, the controversial anticounterfeiting trade agreement, was made public Wednesday, confirming critics' fears.

EU IT Ministers Endorse Open Standards in Tech Procurements

European ministers called for the introduction open standards and interoperability in government procurement of IT Monday, sparking applause from the industry.

Secretive Counterfeiting Treaty Talks Open up

A controversial plan to crack down on online piracy and counterfeiting will be opened up to public scrutiny for the first time next week, when the negotiating...

Open-source Advocate Enters IBM Antitrust Fray

A European political lobbyist offered his opinion on the monopoly charges against IBM, saying government intervention is needed.

EC to Propose Mandatory Web Blocking for Child Abuse Sites

The European Commission is poised to propose a directive to fight sexual exploitation of children online.

EC Launches New Drive for EU/US Bank Data-sharing Agreement

The European Commission and the US are negotiating over transfer of EU citizens' bank data for counterterrorism purposes.

EC to Urge Transparency in Secret Copyright Treaty Talks

The EC will urge transparency in secret copyright treaty talks .

IBM Slapped With 3rd Mainframe Antitrust Complaint in Europe

A third antitrust complaint against IBM's mainframe business was filed with the European Commission Tuesday.

Europe's Top Court Sides With Google in Trademarks Case

The European Court of Justice ruled in favor of Google on Tuesday in a case concerning the use of trademarks in online advertising

Parliament Report Stirs Lobbying Drive on Internet Piracy

A European Parliament report has stirred lobbying efforts to keep Internet piracy from being lumped in with counterfeiting.

European Parliament Demands Transparency in ACTA Talks

The European Parliament demands that the Commission open up negotiations about an anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA).

European Parliament Debates Anti-ACTA Petition

European Parliamentarians are debating whether to oppose the international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA).

EC Approves Merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK

The European Commission Monday gave a conditional go-ahead for the merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK.

EU Confirms Google Antitrust Probe

Update: Google says it is confident that the antitrust investigation will not go beyond the preliminary stage; blames Microsoft for sparking the probe.