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EC Drafts Rules for State Aid in New Broadband Networks

The European Commission laid out guidelines for public investment in super-fast broadband networks but stopped short of promoting point-to-point fiber optics.

Intel: Antitrust Agencies Are Testing the Limits

Antitrust regulators around the world, led chiefly by the EC, are testing the limits of the law in their pursuit of Intel, a senior company executive said.

EU Fines Intel $1.44 Billion in Antitrust Case

The European Commission Wednesday found Intel guilty of antitrust violations in the market for PC microprocessors and fined it $1.44 billion.

EU Fines Intel €1.06 Billion in Antitrust Case

EU levies record fine against Intel in antitrust case

EC Sets out Privacy Requirements for Smart RFID Tags

The European Commission sets a conduct code for companies using RFID tags that it hopes will safeguard privacy and allow the quick rollout of the technology.

EU Antitrust Ruling Against Intel Due Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday the EC is expected to punish computer chip-maker Intel for stifling competition from smaller rivals.

EU Moves to Cut Mobile Phone Termination Rates

The EC launched a new assault on what it considers to be rip-off costs in mobile telephony Thursday.

EU Mulls Breaking up Vital Telecom Reform Package

The EU may break up a package of reforms for the telecom sector to salvage elements of it, after Parliamentarians torpedoed the original plan.

Reform of EU Telecom Laws Rejected by European Parliament

A reform of EU telecom laws was rejected by the European Parliament because of one clause that would have compromised citizens' rights to access the internet.

EU Pushes for Single Online Content Market

The European Commission wants to replace assorted national laws on what music and movies consumers can and can't download with an EU set of rules.

EU Mulls New Legal Fight Against Spam, Invasion of Privacy

The EU may pass laws to better protect consumers online and reduce the amount of spam European citizens receive, according to two E.U. commissioners.

EU Urges US to Share Control of ICANN With Other Countries

EU's Reding called Monday for a new multilateral approach to Internet governance once the current system expires at the end of September this year.

Microsoft Asks for Oral Hearing in Latest EU Antitrust Case

The software giant submitted its written response to charges that it illegally favors Internet Explorer over rivals

Agreement Reached on Internet Access in New EU Telecom Laws

No judge is needed to ban someone from the Internet, but the right to the Net is seen as a basic human right

EC's Reding Urges Preventive Action Against Cyberattacks

One month without access to the Internet would cost the EU around €150 billion, commissioner says