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EU Slashes Cost of Text Messaging, Surfing While Abroad

Price cuts will take effect as Europeans head abroad for their summer holidays

EU Telecoms Law Reforms Blocked by Dispute Over Net Access

A Parliamentary committee has stuck by an earlier pledge to protect people's rights to information.

SMEs Rally to the EC's Side in Microsoft Antitrust Case

Trade group PIN-SME wants an end to practices it says lock SMEs in to IE and bar them from cloud computing.

Microsoft Gains an Ally in Its Antitrust Battle in Europe

Lobby group ACT says changing the status quo would harm software developers working on the Microsoft platform.

EC Wins New Ally in Latest Antitrust Case Against Microsoft

Microsoft rivals line up to join the European Commission's battle over the browser market Opts out of Phorm Deep Packet Tracking

Customer demands his purchasing history is kept out of the BT-run system

EU Sues UK Government Over Treatment of Phorm

EU action shows a growing trend in the government monitoring how Internet companies use people's private data

France Telecom Loses Antitrust Appeal at European Court

Monopoly abuse confirmed in the Internet access market in France while Commission considers fresh antitrust complaint

EU Lawmakers Agree on New Telecom Super Regulator

The move strengthens the European Commission in its fight against national regulator favoritism of local firms

Google Launches Gmail Labs in 49 Languages

Expansion of the email tools worldwide coincides with Gmail's fifth anniversary

EC Wants IT to Reduce Carbon Footprint by 20 Percent

A European commissioner calls for a "new green deal" for Europe, with the IT industry playing a large role

EC to Probe Online Profiling by Web Sites and ISPs

Consumer affairs commissioner won't accept a "world wild west" when it comes to people's online data

E.U. Telecom Law Set to Enshrine the Right to Information

Efforts to clamp down on illegal downloaders appear to have lost out to citizens' rights champions in a telecom law debate

US Gambling Laws Flout International Trade Rules, EU Says

The European Union will first negotiate with the Obama administration before filing a complaint with the WTO

Net Neutrality Debate Holds up EU Telecom Laws Revision

The European Commission is secretly sympathetic to internet firms' concerns about a two-speed internet