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Microsoft Faces New Monopoly Charges in Europe

The European Commission has formally charged Microsoft with monopoly abuse over the way it bundles its Internet Explorer browser with Windows.

Biometric Passports Agreed to in EU

The European Parliament has voted to implement biometric passports in the EU, starting June 29.

Multifunction Devices Pose Tax Headache for EU Policymakers

The distinction between a printer and a copier, or a phone from a TV, in Europe could affect the duty charged.

EU Court Will Hear Groups, Vendors in MS Antitrust Appeal

The European Court of First Instance has agreed to allow interventions in Microsoft's appeal of the fine it incurred for...

Intel, Google Asked to Help Revise EU Data Protection Laws

The EC is asking Intel and Google to help it review its data privacy laws.

AMD Accuses Intel of Trying to Stall EC Antitrust Case

AMD accuses Intel of trying to stall the EU's antitrust case against the company.

EU Telecoms Ministers Back Watered-down Legal Reforms

Plans to reform Europe's legal landscape for the telecoms industry remain on track, after nearly being derailed at a meeting...

Europe to Cap Prices for Roaming Text Messages and Data

European telecommunications ministers gave their backing on Thursday to a plan to cap retail prices for sending SMS messages.

Obvious Mistakes Caused Europeana Site Failure

Obvious design mistakes caused the EU's Europeana Web site to fail during its launch.

EU Scales Back Telecom Regulator Plan

The European Commission Friday scaled back its ambitions to create a U.S. Federal Communications Commission-style regulator.


EU Software Patent Issue Goes to Appeals Body

The question of how to assess patentability of software-related inventions has been sent to the European Patent Office's...

EU Cracks Down on Internet Child Porn

In an effort to crack down on Internet child porn, the EU will create an online alert platform that people can use to report...

Competition in Belgian Telephony Market Ineffective, Says EU

The European Commission has criticized Belgium's national telecoms regulator for not enforcing effective competition in the market for fixed phone lines.

Study Finds Open Software Excluded From EU Procurement

A trade group study of the EU finds that open software is being shut out of public procurements.

EU Wants to Take Lead in 'Web 3.0' Technology

The EU wants to take lead in 'Web 3.0' technology, says the telecom commissioner.