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EU Antitrust Unit to Examine Microsoft-Yahoo Deal by Feb. 19

The European Commission set a Feb. 19 deadline for its review of Microsoft's planned Internet search tie-up with Yahoo Tuesday.

Oracle-Sun Merger Foes Head East

With the EU likely to approve the Oracle-Sun merger in a week, those campaigning to free Sun's MySQL from the deal appeal to regulators in Russia and China.

EU Awards Contracts to Build and Launch Galileo Satellites

EU awards contracts to build and launch Galileo satellites for Europe's satellite navigation system.

EC, Microsoft Settlement Broadly Welcomed

Microsoft's settlement of its antitrust issues with the EC was broadly welcomed Wednesday.

Oracle's Pledges on MySQL Are 'purely Cosmetic', Say Critics

Oracle's latest pledges regarding Sun's MySQL database are paper-thin and won't safeguard its future, according to Florian Mueller, a critic of the deal.

Oracle-Sun Merger Gains Favor in Europe

The Oracle-Sun merger seems set for EU regulatory approval after the Commission said that new promises to safeguard MySQL would lead to a satisfactory outcome

Oracle Defends Planned Sun Deal at EC Hearing

Oracle is set to defend its planned Sun deal at an EC antitrust hearing Thursday.

EC Agrees to Close DRAM Antitrust Case Against Rambus

The European Commission agreed to end its investigation of memory chip maker Rambus Wednesday.

Europe's Digital Divide Is North-south

While 77 percent of Dutch homes have broadband access, two thirds of Greek households don't even have basic access to the Internet.

European ISPs Lash out at Secret ACTA Negotiations

International trade negotiations intended to clamp down on counterfeiting risk undermining the openness and innovation-friendly nature of the Internet, ISPs say

Viviane Reding Picked to Re-write EU Data Protection Laws

Viviane Reding has been picked to take charge of a re-write of Europe's 15 year-old data protection laws due to start next year.

EU Charges Philips, Others With Forming CRT Screen Cartel

The EC has accused manufacturers of cathode ray tubes of running cartels in the markets for computer monitors and TVs, the regulator said Thursday.

European Parliament Adopts Telecom Laws After Bitter Debate

UPDATE: After two years of often bitter debate, the European Parliament approved a raft of new telecom laws Tuesday.

EU Drops Qualcomm Antitrust Investigation

The European Commission has closed its antitrust probe of Qualcomm's patent licensing practices after Ericsson and others withdrew their complaints

EU Gives Oracle Extra Time to Respond to Sun Inquiry

Oracle and Sun have been granted an extra week to defend their planned $7 billion tie-up in front of European regulators, the European Commission said Friday.