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EU Ombudsman Faults EC's Intel Antitrust Ruling

The European Ombudsman accused the European Commission on Thursday of "maladministration" during its antitrust investigation of Intel.

EU-US Accord on SWIFT Data Hits Political Snag

Several major European nations are against a plan that would allow the U.S. government access to information on European financial transactions.

EU Rebuffs Oracle's Criticism of Sun Merger Investigation

The EU has dismissed as "facile and superficial" criticism of its decision to issue formal objections to Oracle's planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Microsoft Rivals, Trade Groups Want Browser Offer Changed

Microsoft's antitrust settlement offer to the EC needs minor changes to restore fair competition to the market for browsers, rivals said Thursday

EU Breaks Deadlock in Debate Over Right to Internet Access

EU lawmakers have agreed on how to preserve citizen's rights of access to the Internet in a meeting that ended in the early hours of Thursday morning

Oracle Plans Aggressive Fight With EU Over Sun Takeover

Oracle is planning an aggressive fight with the EC if its attempt to take over Sun is slapped with a statement of objections in the coming week.

Trade Talks Hone in on Internet Abuse and ISP Liability

ISPs around the world may be forced to snoop on their subscribers and cut them off, under an international agreement being promoted by the U.S.

EU Lawmakers Seek Compromise in Internet Access Row

EU lawmakers renewed efforts Thursday to tackle the politically charged issue of whether governments can bar people from using the Internet.

Richard Stallman Joins Call for Oracle to Divest MySQL

Oracle must be stopped from taking over MySQL, said Richard Stallman, a prominent activist and developer of free software Tuesday.

Music Industry Signs Online Distribution Agreement With EU

The EU signed an agreement with the online music industry Tuesday to improve consumers' access to online music across the European Union

EU Says Europe Must Scan Books as Does Google

The EC urged the EU to create a European equivalent to the proposed Google Books agreement in the US.

Microsoft, EU Reach Accord on Antitrust

Microsoft appears to have reached an agreement with the EC ending an antitrust battle that has lasted a decade.

EU Warms to Microsoft's Latest Offer on Browsers

The EU will seek comment on Microsoft's latest proposal to make the browser market more competitive.

EU Seeks Comment on Microsoft's Latest Offer

The European Commission is seeking on a new offer from Microsoft to address antitrust charges that it is competing unfairly in the market for web browsers.

Panasonic, Sanyo Will Sell Battery Units to Win EU Merger OK

Sanyo and Panasonic have agreed to divest some of their battery production facilities in order to secure E.U. approval of their merger.