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EU Wants Safe Volume Settings on Portable Music Players

The E.U. orders portable music player makers to add a default volume setting of around 80 decibels (dB) and a health warning.

Google Wins Partial Victory in Legal Battle Over Trademarks

A senior European judge said Google hasn't infringed trademark rights by allowing advertisers to buy keywords featuring brands

EU Reveals 'Smoking Gun' E-Mails from Intel Antitrust Probe

The European Commission unveiled e-mails that its antitrust officials describe as "smoking gun" evidence of Intel's antitrust abuse.

Microsoft, Yahoo in Informal Talks With EU Over Search Deal

Microsoft and Yahoo are in talks with European regulators about their planned search tie-up to establish whether the deal needs a formal probe.

EU - US Talks on New Bank Data Accord Spark Fury in Europe

EU-US talks on a new bank data accord spark fury in Europe.

Intel Asks Court to Dismiss EU Antitrust Case

Intel asks Europe's second highest court to annul the European Commission's antitrust ruling against it.

Google Helps Users Jump Ship to Rival Web Services

Google is making it as easy as possible for people to quit its Web services in a bid to increase trust in cloud computing.

Mobile Carriers Sign up to EU In-car Accident Alert System

E.U.'s mobile-phone industry signed up to a Europe-wide road accident alert system designed to reduce fatalities and accidents on the continent's roads.

EU to Crack Down on Misleading Online Gadget Vendors

Over half of online sellers of gadgets such as phones and cameras are suspected of having broken consumer protection laws, according to the European Commission

Google Tries to Assuage EU Doubters of Its US Books Deal

Google has made concessions to address European publishers' concerns about its book digitization project

EC Opens Deeper Probe of Oracle-Sun Merger

The European Commission opened an indepth investigation into Oracle's planned $7.4 billion takeover of Sun Thursday.

European Commission Will Investigate Oracle-Sun Deal

The European Commission, the EU's top antitrust authority, will conduct an in-depth investigation of Oracle's planned acquisition of Sun, it said Thursday.

Lobby Groups Say Draft EU E-commerce Rules Unclear

New rules for online sales in the EU risk sparking a wave of litigation between e-commerce companies like eBay and the makers of luxury goods.

EU Updates Mobile Rules to Boost Use of Internet on the Move

European lawmakers reached agreement on radio spectrum for new mobile Internet services, while ensuring that regular mobile phone services are not compromised.

Microsoft's EU Offer Gets Cautious Welcome From Rivals

Microsoft's offer to settle its antitrust issues with the European Commission was given a cautious welcome by the company's principal antagonist Friday.