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Intel Files Appeal Against European Antitrust Fine

Intel lodged an appeal of the European Commission's antitrust ruling against it with Europe's second highest court Wednesday, arguing that the regulator failed...

Skype to Regulators: Push Mobile Operators to Allow VoIP

Skype Thursday urged regulators to intervene to ensure that users aren't blocked from using their mobile phones to access phone calls via the internet.

EC Says LCD Screen Cartel Is Active Globally

The EC believes an alleged cartel in the market for LCD screens extends around the world, an official said Tuesday.

European ICANN Reform Proposal Draws Industry Ire

The European Commission's efforts to internationalize ICANN governance were criticized by trade groups for failing to consider the private sector.

EC's Reding Calls for Shake-up of Online Copyright Laws

European laws governing the digitization of content need a major re-working to keep Europe relevant in the digital age, said a European commissioner.

Reding Renominated as EU Commissioner for Another 5 Years

Viviane Reding was renominated to the European Commission Wednesday, but it is uncertain if she be able to continue in her current role.

Open-source Bias Cheered, Booed in Planned EC Rules Review

Plans to update the rules governing industry standard technologies in Europe have been both lauded for and accused of bias in favor of open-source software.

Sweden Aims High for Creation of a Single EU Patent System

Sweden took over the rotating six month presidency of the E.U. this week, promising to push hard for an agreement on the creation of a single E.U.-wide patent

Mobile Roaming Costs Fall as EC Announces End to Rip-offs

The cost of calling and sending text messages on your mobile phone from abroad in the E.U. became cheaper Wednesday, as a new roaming law came into force.

EC Criticized for Failing to Push Online Services in the EU

Lack of political vision and weak internal coordination at the EC have held Europe back in online services said a trade group EDiMA Tuesday.

Europe Moves to Develop Standard Mobile Phone Chargers

A universal charger that powers all cell phones is being developed in Europe, according to a European Commissioner.


.Eu Web Addresses Can Be Written in Cyrillic, Greek Letters

.Eu web addresses can offer non-ASCII characters in their web addresses for the first time, the European Commission said Friday

EC Warns Countries Not to Go It Alone in Broadband Upgrades

The EC is warning countries not to go it alone in broadband upgrades.

EC Proposes Creation of Centralized Security Data Agency

EU took a step toward creating a pan-European IT system for security and surveillance Wednesday.

Regulators: EU Data Protection Laws Apply to Social Networks

Social-networking sites, and in some instances their users, must keep the privacy of the people whose information they exchange on line.