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Italian Court Postpones Trial of Four Google Execs

The criminal trial of four senior Google execs in Italy Tuesday was postponed until Sept. 29 because the translator failed to show up, Google said Tuesday

Google Keeps Mum About Page Meeting With EC's Reding

Google was tight-lipped about co-founder Larry Page's meeting with EC's Viviane Reding Wednesday, but was very forthcoming about his holiday and lunch plans.

EU, US Push Computers, Printers to Be Greener

PCs and printers in the EU and US will have to become more energy-efficient to gain Energy Star approval, following an EU/US agreement signed Wednesday

Rules for New EU Telecom Networks a Political Football?

The EC unveiled draft rules to create new fiber-optic-based telecom networks Friday, but many feel the rules are biased in favor of incumbents.

Microsoft Trying to Set Own Antitrust Remedy, Says Opera CEO

Microsoft's plan to strip IE out of Windows 7 in Europe is designed to force the European Commission's hand as it devises an antitrust remedy, says Opera CEO

EC to Pursue Antitrust Case Despite Microsoft's IE Decision

EC pushes on with antitrust case against Microsoft despite decision to strip IE from Windows 7 in Europe.


EU: US Erred by Barring Foreign Internet Gambling Sites

The US wants to make online gambling a purely domestic issue by opting out of international trade rules, but the EU insists it must honor those rules.

Microsoft Rivals Advise EC on an Antitrust Remedy

It sounds odd, but the European Commission's solution to the problem caused by Microsoft bundling its Internet Explorer browser into the Windows OS appears to be...

EC: Is Microsoft Pressuring Witnesses in Antitrust Case?

European regulators are asking Microsoft rivals if the company is been pressuring them in connection with the ongoing antitrust case concerning Web browsers.

EU to Investigate Google Books' Copyright Policies

German government suspects Google's business model is illegal in Europe, and it will propose that the European Commission open an inquiry.

Microsoft Antitrust Case Sparks Lobby Group Turf War

The latest Microsoft antitrust battle in the EU sparks a turf war between lobby groups all claiming to represent small-business interests in the case.

Google Books Copyright Policy May Face Probe in Europe

E.U. government ministers are expected to call for an investigation into the way Google Books handles copyright.

EU Moves Step Closer to Blanket Terms for Net Music Sales

Selling music legally online in Europe got easier Tuesday, when the French royalties-collecting agency SACEM agreed to relinquish handling of royalties.

Trade Group: Stripping IE From Windows Harms ISVs

EC antitrust ruling against the bundling of IE into Windows is a nightmare for independent software developers, says the president of a trade group

Microsoft Cancels Antitrust Hearing in Europe

Microsoft cancels plans for antitrust hearing with European regulators, rivals, claiming it wouldn't get a fair audience.