TouchPad's Lesson: Tablets Cost Too Much

HP's fire sale brings out the bargain hunters, but it may offer another hint about the appropriate price of tablets.

$99 HP TouchPad: Sold Out, As Far As I Can Tell

When Hewlett-Packard dropped the price of its WebOS TouchPad to $99 many online retailers sold out of the tablet quickly.

When We Got the Future Right

A glance back reveals that futurists at AT&T and Knight Ridder were on track for technological priorities and development nearly 20 years ago -- what happened?

Starbucks Pulls Plug on 'Jonathan's Card' Social Experiment

For almost a month, a mobile developer shared access to his iOS app Starbucks card and invited anyone to save it to their phone and use it to purchase drinks.

3DS Deals Surface Today

Several stores are offering trade-in credit toward the purchase of Nintendo's 3D gaming console.

Windows Phone Manager Quits Microsoft to do Startup

Longtime Microsoft employee and Windows Phone boss Charlie Kindel announced Monday he's leaving Microsoft after 21 years to start a new company.

Apple Opens iCloud to Developers

People enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program can now transfer their MobileMe accounts to iCloud using Apple’s new portal:

iOS 5 May Get Text-to-Speech Function

Screen shots of Apple's unreleased operating system reveal a microphone icon that hints of voice recognition functions.

iPhone Case Offers a Hand -- Literally

This iPhone design comes with a fake -- but convincing -- hand attached to its back, finally enabling iPhone lovers to hold hands with their smartphone of choice.

AntiSec Hackers Steal, Post Police Data

Anonymous group hackers continue their assault on law enforcement by releasing 10 gigs of sensitive information from 56 law enforcement entities across the country.

Google's Self-Driving Car Crashes

The auto-pilot-equipped Prius was actually flipped into manual mode when the accident happened, Google says.

Google, Microsoft Bicker Over Patents

Rivals lash out on social media after Google’s top legal officer accuses competitors of using “bogus patents” against Android.

Google Exec Says Apple, Microsoft Waging ‘Hostile' Patent Campaign Against Android

Google's top lawyer on Wednesday accused Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and other rivals of using “bogus patents” to strangle Android’s success.