Apple, Nokia Battle in Court

Claims of patent violations drag phone-makers' rivalry from the marketplace into the courtroom.


Droid Multitouch Enhanced by Add-on

Milestone's downloadable ROM improves the smartphone's multitouch functions ahead of Google.


Google Phone: See for Yourself

An HTC-made handset, already in the hands of some Google employees, is visible on the Android developer site.


What Apple's Lala Acquisition May Mean for iTunes

The streaming media site and the creative people behind it could change Apple's approach to music -- if Apple allows it.


Google Unveils Chrome OS; Tech World Yawns

The much-anticipated Chrome OS is available and the early returns are underwhelming (but many).


Apple Deals Another Blow to Psystar

Timeline of the longstanding battle between the clone-maker and the Mac-maker.

Neflix Arrives on PS3: First Look

An on-demand version of Netflix is finally available for the PS3. Here is a first look.


Apple Readies 'World Mode' iPhone, Report Says

The iPhone could go truly global next year with hybrid support for both UMTS and CDMA networking.


ICANN OKs International Domains: The Pros and Cons

Making the World Wide Web truly international is going to bring some complications and potential confusion.

Verizon Droid FAQ: What We Know So Far

It's just a few days to the unveiling, but we already have quite a few details about Verizon's Droid.