FCC on Apple, DOJ on Google -- the Feds are Tackling Tech

Government oversight agencies are asking technology companies to justify their actions in the interest of consumers. A bad thing?

Facebook Lite Might Lure Me Back

Tired of the sensory overload of what Facebook has become? Check out the streamlined edition.

Facebook Lite Gallery: Check Out the New Look

Facebook now offers a "lite" version for those with slow Internet access or who are simply tired of the clutter.

Fast, Universal Broadband: The Dirty Secret about the Roadblock

Is it the laws of physics or of profit that prevent widespread high-speed Internet services?

DHS Clarifies Laptop Border Crossing Rules: What You Need to Know

U.S. Homeland Security agents still can seize your digital gear, so here's how to travel without losing everything.

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Apple Tablet: A Peek at Another Possibility

A French blog is showing off latest purported prototype of the mythical Apple Tablet.

iPod Touch Update Sighted (Maybe)

Take a peek at these purported prototypes of Apple's camera-equipped iPod Touch, expected to debut next month.

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Google Voice Can Sneak onto iPhone

Here's a way around Apple's initial ban on a Voice over IP application.

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Apple Streams Concert on iPhone

Shhhh . . . there's a concert on your iPhone tonight, but don't tell too many of your friends or it'll clog the stream.

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Hollywood Hates Redbox's $1 DVD Rentals

Movie studios are griping that Redbox’s $1-per-night DVD rental kiosks are hurting their bottom line.

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Apple Fans Uneasy Over App Store Rule on Google Voice

FCC investigation into the rejection of Google Voice from the App Store brings up old questions of favoritism and propriety.

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Verizon May be Getting Ready to Host the Apple Tablet

Verizon is cranking on its 4G network, but perhaps it's not in an effort to support the iPhone, but another Apple product.

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Battlefield 1943 Debuts to Eager Throngs

Player demand taxes the servers and the development team squashes some last-minute bugs.

Pre Hunt: In Search of the Elusive New Palm Device

Searching for a Pre in the 'City of Subdued Excitement' proved a bit of an adventure.

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Is this the Next iPhone?

Leaked or liberated images show an iPhone-like device performing tasks expected in iPhone 3.0.

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