iPhone Aftermarket Emerges as Updates Loom

Plenty of gadget buyback options are available to give you cash to pay an early termination fee or snatch up that new, shiny iPhone you desire.

AT&T Confirms Data Throttling Coming October 1

AT&T will start throttling data speeds in October, but only for the top 5 percent of data users who have unlimited data plans.

Microsoft Pokes Fun at Google in Spoof Video: "The GMailman'

Microsoft allegedly took another swing at Google--and Gmail--in the form of a “GMailman” spoof video that was shown at a recent private sales conference.

Best of Google Labs: A Retrospective

Anonymous Hackers Meet the Long Arm of the Law

Are the hackers connected with Anonymous heroes or villains? The feds who arrested 14 of them have one opinion. What's yours?

Is Apple Testing HD Displays for Upcoming iPad?

A new report from Korea may substantiate unending rumors that Apple is preparing to pack a "Retina display" into its next iPad.

Google Quietly Pulls Flawed Travel Times from Maps

Apparently dealing with traffic jams is tough even for Google, which is working on a "more accurate solution" for its guidance system.

Facebook Should Focus on Product, Not Hiding Google+ From its Users

It appears that Google+ is a beast that Facebook can't ignore. But Facebook should focus on its own product, not the ads its users post about its rival.

Search Engines Ruin Our Memory, Make Us Smarter

Researchers say that search engines are changing how we think. The question is: Is that a good thing?

Windows Phone Update Named

When Mango ships in September, it will be called Windows 7.5. Can you sleep better now?

Google+ Data Sheds First Light on Service's Users

We're getting our first good look at the 10 million folks who are using the two-week-old service. They're primarily men and people in the tech industry.

Should Microsoft Dump the Name "Windows"?

Microsoft's bigwigs indicated this week that they are considering dropping the name "Windows." Here's three reasons why we agree with that concept.

Google+ Updates Privacy Tools for All Users

Locking down a Google+ profile is available to any user of Google's social media field trial. Here's how to proceed.

Netflix Alternatives: Other Places You Can Get Streaming Media, DVD Rentals

Not willing to pay the new Netflix higher prices? Here are some alternative services that you might consider.

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Netflix Users Protest Proposed Price Increases With Social Media Firestorm

Unfavorable comments about a Netflix price increase cascade by the thousands onto the company's Facebook page and company blog.