PSP Go: Another Look

Images and even a video are leaking out, raising hopes of a new unit as well as a Portable makeover.

Circuit City Makes a Comeback, Sort of is up and running, under new ownership.

Apple and Cartier Resolve Legal Tussle Over iPhone App

Apple's mobile App Store came under fire again for the sale and distribution of software that violated watchmaker's Cartier copyrights.


Direct Movie and TV Downloads Coming to iPhone?

Will Apple's next-gen iPhone software add the convenience of allowing direct downloads of movies and TV shows?


Wolfram Alpha: A Test Run

An evaluation of the online knowledge base finds it speedy, savvy, and still with some significant gaps.

Texting Doesn't Cause Car Accidents, I Do

You don't have to have a smartphone to be a distracted driver.


Open Letter to Apple: Go Easy on the Fees

We're eager for the iPhone 3.0's new features -- and maybe a new carrier -- but the extra data fees? Not so much.