Anonymous Releases 90,000 Military Email Addresses, Continues Assault on Government Contractors

Military email addresses, passwords, and some other data from military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton are exposed by the hacker group Anonymous.

Should Facebook Add a Music Service?

Word is that "Vibes" is in the works, but Facebook may be piling on the features a bit too fast and furiously.

Google+ Census: How Many are Really Online?

Several calculations put the population of Google+ into the millions, even with a restricted test pool.

Malware Comes with Many Gadgets, Homeland Security Admits

Foreign-made devices or even parts are sometimes deliberately infected with spyware and malware, official tells Congressional committee.

ISP Copyright Crackdown Raises Red Flags

Digital rights groups and BitTorrent fans both blast putting copyright protection in the hands of Internet service providers.

Copyright Cops Team with ISPs to Crack Down on Music, Movie Pirates

Your ISP may have just agreed to take a more active role in protecting copyright owners. If you get a "Copyright Alert" from your Internet service provider, watch out.

Facebook's 'Awesome' Video Chat -- Yawn

Facebook gets a feature Gmail's had since 2008, but the feature wars are on, and users could be the winners.

Airfare Listings in Google Search Results? They Could Soon Appear

A robust flight search service may be popping up on Google products shortly.

5 Great Fireworks Videos

In honor of the U.S. Independence Day, we've found 5 creative, impressive fireworks videos that depart from the usual Fourth of July fare.

Google+: Good Stuff if You Can Get it

A somewhat closed Beta will certainly generate buzz, but it can also put off a few potential users who want to be part of Google's inner circle.

Apple Asks to Yank Samsung Products in Patent Fight

Apple asks a federal court to enjoin Samsung from selling some of its most popular phones and its tablet until the patent fight is resolved.