Apple and Windows Together? Only for Pranksters

Pranksters place Windows logo on Apple store under construction in Germany.

iOS 5 May Feature App Auto-Downloads

A wireless sync statement on iTunes hints of a new way to download apps and tunes may be coming in an iOS update.

Google Yanks Game Mimics from Android Market

Several popular video game emulators were bounced without warning from the Android Market.

Samsung Demands Next iPhone, iPad

Apple's patent lawsuit seeking Samsung's next product plans is met with a similar request.

iPad Enters the Cockpit on Alaska Air

Pilots will consult digital flight, system, and performance manuals and have easy access to reference cards and other materials.

Google Wallet: The Debate Rages

Convenient, maybe, but worries inclue security, access, participation by merchants and -- oh, yeah -- trust.

Foxconn Working Conditions were Criticized Before Fire

Research released two weeks ago raised issues of conditions in electronics factories that may have contributed to last week's explosion and deaths at iPad assembly site.

Verizon Axes Unlimited Data but Eyes Family Plans

Exec says it's "logical" Verizon will offer "mega-plans" for sharing service among devices.

Apple Apple Store

iPhone, Apps Set Guinness World Records

Guinness compares the iPhone 4's numbers to that of the PSP, which sold 200,000 units at launch in 2005.

Facebook's Anti-Google Efforts Get Muddier

As PR agency Burson-Marsteller scrambles to explain its action, more PR missteps occur.

Conde Nast Reportedly Plans iPad Magazine Subscriptions

The New Yorker is expected to be the first in-app publication to be offered as more than a single issue sale.

Scalper Blamed for iPad 2 Buyer Violence in China

Buyer reports a scuffle resulted from people cutting into the long lines for the popular and scarce tablet.

Images Show Violent Exchange at Apple's Beijing Store During iPad 2 Launch

Violence breaks out at a Beijing, China Apple retails store as customers fight to buy the iPad 2, according to reports.

Congress to Hear Privacy, Tracking Issues

Representatives of Google and Apple will answer to a Senate committee on their mobile device tracking practices.

Apple's iCloud Service Spotted as 'Castle'

Ties to MobileMe suggest "Castle" will be much more than Apple's online music service, storing a variety of your digital stuff.