Jobs Escapes Carbonite iPhone Case

Apple has no sense of humor about Steve Jobs' brief role as Han Solo.

Sony Exec to Address PlayStation Network Outage

The Sunday briefing will cover Sony's investigation into the security breach, PSN security measures, and service restoration plans.

Mac vs. PC: Stereotypes Confirmed

Surveys produce an infographic that reveals the real differences between staid, suburbanite Windows PC users and urban, hip Mac fanboys . . . maybe.

iPad 2 at Best Buy? Blink and it's Gone

The big box stores promoted iPad 2 availability today, but the shelves are largely empty already.

Google Video Swept Out in Spring Cleaning

Surprise: Google suggests you switch to YouTube this month before it flips the off switch.

Techie Toilet Ships in April

Flush away a few grand on Kohler's Numi, the luxurious throne for the well-heeled.

Best Buy May Boost iPads This Weekend

A preview of a Sunday newspaper ad indicates hard-to-get iPad 2 tablets will be in stock.

Apple Admits iPad 2 3G Issues

iPad 2 owners using Verizon report they sometimes must restart their tablets to reconnect to 3G.

iPad 2 Glitches Emerge

Complaints are scattered and can't always be reproduced, but some iPad 2 users are reporting idiosyncrasies.

Nintendo 3DS Games: Worth the Price?

Fewer than two dozen games are available on launch day of the newest handheld gaming gadget.

3DS Breakdown: Pricier than DSi

Nintendo's newest carries a hefty price, perhaps aiming for buyers who don't rely on allowance money or birthdays for major purchases.

Kodak Wins Important Victory in $1 Billion Case Against Apple, RIM

The International Trade Commission is reviewing how Apple and RIM products handle previews of images, for possible patent infringement on Kodak technology.

12 Cool Things to Do With an Old iPad

Next Up: iPhone 5

Now that the iPad's almost updated, speculation is turning to the next refresh of Apple's iPhone.

Nokia Shifts its Loyalties . . . Sort of

It seems Nokia may be using a mutual rival's technology to tout its new partnership with Microsoft.