'Angry Birds Rio' Release Teams With Hollywood

A special version of the popular app will tie into the release of the animated movie "Rio."

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Apple Apple Store

Apple's App Store Hits 10 Billion Downloads

The App Store hits another milestone after 2.5 years; what else has happened? Here's a look at the fortunes and foibles of Apple's online storefront.

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Gutsy Hacker Sells Access, Info

A security blog spots an illicit entrepreneur marketing data mined from military and government websites.

Verizon Dumps Renewal Upgrade Option

A popular service upgrade option goes away just before the expected demand after the iPhone becomes available on Verizon.

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Verizon iPhone Expected Tuesday

A roundup of the expectations of those who received an invitation to Verizon's "latest news."

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Apple's Plans: Mapping Apps

Want ads hint of Apple's next ventures into navigation software.

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Chromebook: Coming Next Week?

Google's invitations have arrived and speculation is rampant, but the market has changed since Chrome OS appeared more than a year ago.

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Harsh Digital Copyright Bill Stopped -- for Now

Senator derides as overkill a Congressional proposal that would give the government broad rights to shut down sites.

iPhone: Still Most Satisfying

Apple racks up another survey win; but devotion to the iPhone is more complicated than just clicking "like."

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Kinect Could Have Been Apple's, Report Says

Microsoft proved an easier partner, says PrimeSense, developer of the motion-detecting technology taking gamers by storm.

Google Apologizes for Snooping

The search giant promises to be careful where it looks and listens in the future, outlining new policies for data-gathering.

Verizon iPhone Rumor Won't Die

The hints are in the help wanted ads; Verizon is hiring tech support for an iPhone-like gadget.

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MacBook Air Refresh: The Latest Rumor Roundup

It's safe to expect an updated MacBook Air next week, but the change may be incremental.

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AT&T Claims a Comeback in LTE Wars

Verizon's 3G service lags AT&T's, as both accelerate toward 4G service nationwide.