Parodies Poke Fun at 'The Social Network'

Tech tools are frequent targets of clever satire; check out these takes on Facebook, Twitter, Ping, and more.


iNewspaper: The Next iPad Service?

Apple is reportedly working with news organizations on a service modeled after iTunes, with revenue-sharing for digital subscriptions.


Google Instant: 2 Doubts

Speed? Accuracy? Not so much, but occasionally amusing.

iPad Due for Front-Facing Camera?

Reports suggest iPad is due for a pre-holiday refresh that includes FaceTime -- and the idea makes sense.


Craigslist Adult Services Section Shut Down

The popular classified ad site swaps a "censored" sign into spot previously occupied by the controversial section.

Bless These Gadgets

Anglican church invites all to a blessing of the tools of their 21st century trades, agnostic of their operating system.

Gaming Skills Become a College Course

Starcraft strategy and its application to the workplace is the theme of a new University of Florida honors course.


Google's March Toward Social Networking

Amid some fits, starts, and failures, the search giant keeps pushing through social networking services. Here's the latest.

Privacy Concerns Hit Facebook (Again)

This week's issue involves distribution of a database that harvested Facebook user data.

Apple Disses Droid X

Droid X joins Apple's showcase of antenna-impaired smartphones in the company's attempt to deflect the spotlight on the iPhone's shortcoming.


Judge Gives Guilty File-Sharer a Gift

Copyright fine reduction makes both parties unhappy; that smacks of some fairness.


Is Apple in Antenna Denial?

User forums buzz over Apple's admission of a signal glitch, and second-guess whether they're getting the straight story about reception.


Google Moves its Encrypted Search

Attention, wary searchers: A new Google URL better handles SSL-encrypted searches.

Don't Tweet Here, Says NY Times

Hasn't Twitter's jargon made it into the mainstream yet?

Secret WWDC Star: Safari?

A revamped browser and even an OS update may be part of the agenda at Monday's event.