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Paul Venezia is a veteran enterprise architect and senior contributing editor at InfoWorld, where he writes analysis, reviews and The Deep End blog.

The Long Life and Slow Death of the Virtual Server

Many people are discovering that virtual servers never die. Should we kill them?

Privacy is a Sci-Fi Fantasy

What if our personal information wasn't digital and the collectors weren't machines?

IT Guy Wanted; Must Have Own Tools

If you work in IT, you not only put your heart and soul into your job, you often sacrifice your own hardware to the cause

Fundamental Oracle Flaw Revealed

A design decision made by Oracle architects long ago may have painted some of Oracle's largest customers into a corner.

How to Move a Data Center Without Having a Heart Attack

Before the event, consider everything that can go wrong, make contingency plans, exploit opportunities to upgrade, and label everything.

Stay Connected When Disaster Strikes

Remote monitoring and control systems enable you to troubleshoot your data center from afar. Here's how to ensure you can connect to them in an emergency.

What IT Should Know About AC Power

After all, it's just electricity, right? How hard could that be? Surprisingly hard -- if you don't know what you're doing. Here's the lowdown

10 Steps to Get Started With Virtualization

Virtualizing your servers might seem like a daunting task, but following these steps can lift the veil and start you on your way.

How to Stop Facebook, Google+, and Twitter From Tracking You

You realize how much your browsing is centrally tracked, right? Or do you?

Small Business VPN Primer: Set Up Your Office Network for Telecommuting

Want to set up your small business's office network so your employees can telecommute? You'll need a VPN. Here's what you need to know.

Why the Fax Machine Refuses to Die

The fax should be a distant memory by now, but the bizarre ritual of transmitting documents over the phone line persists.

Rise of the Machines: The Concept of a Mass Technological Revolt

Ever had your electronic world come crashing down around you? You may have been hit by MTR

Addicted to IT: Quitting is not an option

Ever yearn for the simple life? Sure you have. But don't fool yourself into thinking you'll ever escape your cage of cables and blinking lights.

MacBook Air Takes on MacBook Pro

Apple's latest ultraportable brings spectacular responsiveness and superior mobility to heavier workloads

Poor Coding Should Be a Felony

Are you responsible for horrible code that's allowed millions of user accounts to be compromised? Go directly to jail