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Paul Venezia is a veteran *nix system and network architect, and senior contributing editor at InfoWorld, where he writes analysis, reviews and The Deep End blog.

What Your IT Pro Knows About You--and Can Do to Your Company

Why worry about hackers half a world away? The biggest threat to your business may lurk within your walls, among the IT pros you trust most.

Virtualization Shoot-out: Citrix, Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMware

The leading server virtualization contenders go head to head in the ultimate virtualization challenge.

Luddites, Leave Your Tech Nostalgia at Home

Want to leave the data center and go back in time at 5 p.m.? Fine. Just fast-forward to 2011 when you get to work the next day

Oracle Continues to Make Sun Customers Miserable

Is Oracle doing this on purpose? Or has anyone who knows or cares about all that beautiful Sun hardware left the company?

Net Neutrality: A Basic Right

Analysis: Can speech still be called "free" if access to it is controlled by a profiteering few?

Jackass IT: Stunts, Idiocy, and Hero Hacks

Sometimes you have to get a little crazy to find the right solution to technology problems gone absurd.

When Comcast Bullies Netflix, the Internet Loses

By charging Level 3 to deliver Netflix content to users, Comcast is double dipping -- and setting up a classic protection racket

How to Move From a Physical to Virtual Infrastructure

You've already got the budget. Here's how to migrate a small physical infrastructure to a small virtual one.

How to Take the First Steps to Server Virtualization

You don't have to jump in to server virtualization with both feet; just dipping a toe in with these open-source options will do to start.

One Year and 41 Days with the MacBook Air

A lovely, sleek laptop is nice to have, but an ultra-reliable ultraportable is a requirement for people like me

Newest MacBook Air Best Yet

Analysis: Apple's spectacularly responsive new MacBook Air is the best Air yet -- and might be the best MacBook, period.


Apple: Master of Miracles

Apple's track record in the past 10 years reads like fiction. So what's next?

Five-year Plan: 8 Problems IT Must Solve

You can't march into the future dragging along unsolved old problems. Here's what you must do with servers, software licensing, and other pressing IT matters for the next 5 years.

How to Make the Leap to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

When the VDI server maintains a virtual machine for every desktop user, a more PC-like experience results--but weigh your choices carefully before you start.

How to Build a Solid Server Virtualization Foundation

Dramatic cost and agility benefits make server virtualization an essential part of any data center. Here's how to plan, deploy, and maintain a sound foundation.