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Paul Venezia is a veteran *nix system and network architect, and senior contributing editor at InfoWorld, where he writes analysis, reviews and The Deep End blog.

Why the 'Smartphone Wars' Seem So Familiar

We've seen this movie before: RIM, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are re-enacting the desktop wars of the '80s and '90s.


The Terry Childs Case: Sad, Unfair and a Bad Precedent

The end of the Terry Childs saga is no less perplexing than the rest of the case. Worse offenders -- even murderers -- get less jail time than Childs.

How to Build Solid, Reliable Networks

This networking primer walks you through the fundamentals, from the right switches to the right network monitoring techniques.

Verizon, Google and the Future of the Net

Last week, Google and Verizon denied they were negotiating a deal that could undermine Net neutrality. Here's what might really be going on.


How to Set Up a Virtualization Server

Virtualizing even a small infrastructure can ease administration and reduce costs. Here's what to look for in a host server, network interfaces, power supplies, and virtualization software.

First Look: VMware VSphere 4.1 Keeps the Virtualization Crown

With scalability improvements, network and storage I/O control, and countless other enhancements, VMware continues to redefine the possibilities for server...

Should You Trust Google?

Analysis: Most people are nervous about handing over data responsibility to a cloud service provider -- but it seems to be OK if it's Google.

Apple iPhone 4: Nearly All It's Cracked up to Be

First look shows that Apple's new iPhone is faster, slimmer, slicker, and better--except for potential reception problems.

Blade Server Review: HP BladeSystem c7000

HP's c7000 blade system is rich in features, options, and performance, but some of the management tools need attention.

Blade Server Review: Supermicro SuperBlade

The SuperBlade is an amazingly affordable blade server system, yet it still offers a few frills.

Blade Server Review: Dell PowerEdge M1000e

Dell's M1000e blade system lags HP and IBM in features and options, but hits the mark in performance and price.

10 Tips to Boost Your Company Network

Tracking and cracking network performance problems is no easy task. More than a matter of identifying often mystifying bottlenecks, ensuring network efficiency requires an almost preternatural understanding of your organization's IT operations, as well as a thick skin for withstanding the heat when problems inevitably arise.

First look: Fedora 13 from Red Hat

The latest version of Red Hat's desktop Linux project delivers a new thin install framework, a cleaner UI, and enhanced device support.


Blade Server Review: Dell, HP, IBM Battle for the Virtual Data Center

Testing the Intel Westmere-packing Dell PowerEdge M1000e, HP BladeSystem c7000, and IBM BladeCenter H blade server systems

How to Stop Worrying About Privacy and Love Facebook

Is Facebook's popularity and reach big enough to convince the world that online privacy doesn't matter?