Paul VeneziaColumnist, InfoWorld

Paul Venezia is senior contributing editor at InfoWorld, where he writes reviews and The Deep End blog.

McAfee's Flawed Update Exposes Cloud's Weakness

McAfee's update fiasco shows even trusted providers can cause catastrophic harm.

Why America's Telecom System Stinks

Analysis: Technologist Lawrence Lessig exposes a rigged system of poor service for higher cost.

Apple iPad: 7-Day Test Drive

Expensive apps, software bugs, and fit-and-finish problems don't change the final verdict: the iPad is very useful (when the bugs are fixed).


Google Safe Browsing Makes the Innocent Look Guilty

How your Web site can get tarred with the malware brush -- and why there's little you can do about it.

Pulling the (TV) Plug on the Olympic Games

Four years from now, will you be watching the Winter Games on TV or over the Internet?


A Simple Plan for Small Business Networks

Your technology choices may determine the fate of your business. For best results, follow this cheat sheet for small-business networks.

Net Neutrality Foes Have It All Wrong

The sword of tiered Internet service has been hanging over our heads for far too long.

Google Voice Hands-On

Analysis: Invitations to Google Voice are suddenly appearing, and I finally got one and put the app to work.

Sixty Percent of Companies Not Moving to Windows 7

Analysis: By 2011, for the first time ever, a 10-year-old operating system will still be the most-used desktop OS.


My iPhone 3GS: Not So Hot

Reports are coming in that the iPhone 3G S gets really hot. Oddly, not mine.


Accused Rogue Admin Terry Childs Back in Court

Former network administrator for city of San Francisco appeared for another hearing last week, after months of postponements.

A Jailhouse Interview with Terry Childs

Spending a half hour with San Francisco's most famous network administrator.

What I Got for Christmas: Someone's Identity

My used MacBook came complete with passwords, tax returns, and more.

Open Source: How E-voting Should Be Done

An open source approach to open voting systems is essential to the integrity of our electoral process. Here's a technical blueprint for securing the vote.

Some Inconvenient Truths About Virtualization

Beyond the hype, there are a few gotchas to keep in mind when venturing into the virtualization world.