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air cooled router heatsink

Supercharging your router with third-party Wi-Fi firmware is just fine, says FCC

The Federal Communications Commission is okay with Wi-Fi router hacking as long as you can't change the radio frequency parameters.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136

Microsoft's Windows 10 phones won't get Android app ports anytime soon

Microsoft has delayed and possibly killed its plan to allow developers to port Android apps to Windows 10 phones.

Twitter iOS App

How to create and deliver tweetstorms the easy way

Want to create a multi-paragraph rant on Twitter, but find the service's native apps too limiting? Try these web apps instead.

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AMD's Radeon Fury graphics cards claw back marketshare from Nvidia's GeForce lineup

AMD is still playing catch-up with Nvidia, but in trying times like these any gain still counts as a gain over its more dominant rival.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox finally comes to iOS

If you use Firefox on a Mac or Windows you can finally get your browser of choice on iOS.


Yahoo rolls out slick new search results exclusively for U.S. Firefox users

Yahoo really wants U.S. Firefox users to stick with Yahoo as their default search engine. So much so, the company is willing to provide everyone else a sub-par experience on the desktop.


How to try Mozilla's mobile Firefox OS preview on your Android device, no deep-level tech tricks required

Mozilla is playing the part of Trojan horse to get people to try out Firefox OS.


Pit your Movember 'stache against the world on Microsoft's

Microsoft Garage is back with another machine learning project. This time the company wants to rank the quality of your facial hair.

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10 powerful Microsoft Office 2016 features you don't want to miss

Office 2016 offers many enhancements that integrate more tightly with SharePoint and OneDrive. It can be confusing to keep track of all the features, so we pick 10 you are sure to love.

google maps android

Google Maps adds offline turn-by-turn directions, search

Google Maps is improving offline functionality by bringing it much closer to Maps' connected mode.


Easily share a web page on your next tech support call with Shove for Chrome

Sometimes tech support calls require a little Shove to get going.

zotac steam machine

Steam Machines launch: Steam Controller, Steam Link, and first 3 Valve-powered PCs release today

The Steam Machine revolution took a long time to arrive, but it's finally here. Does anybody still care?

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Try these 15 PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts for masterful slide creation

A good PowerPoint presentation has a lot to do with what you see on that deck, and how it was put together. These keyboard shortcuts will make it all easier.


Class action lawsuit alleges AMD's Bulldozer CPUs aren't really 8-core processors

At least one customer is unhappy with the performance of AMD's Bulldozer CPUs and is accusing the company of making false claims.

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This Chrome extension banishes Twitter's new hearts and brings back the stars

Just can't accept Twitter's decision to dump favorites and stars for hearts and likes? This Chrome extension can help you return to the glory days of Twitter.